The National Arts Education Archive

Michael Stevenson

A collection of materials in five parts. Part 1 - Return to Hiroshima - a power point presentation outlining the history and subsequent return from Manchester to Hiroshima of a collection of 20 art works made by students of the first school to resume teaching in HIroshima after the atomic bombing in 1945. Part 2 - The UNESCO Collection containing 42 artworks made by Japanese schoolchildren, believed to have been made under the auspices of UNESCO in the early 1950's as part of their initiative to use children's art works to foster world peace. Part 3 Comprehensive Art - a collection of 78 35mm slides recording the Comprehensive Art exhibition in the galleries of Manchester Polytechnic (now Manchester Met University in 1979. Part 4 - High Expectations. An exhibition demonstrating what children who benefitted from organised and structured art education throughout their primary schooling should be able to achieve. Part 5 - A random collection of 29 copies of Athene dating from 1943 to 1979.

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