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Artefacts relating to the Middle Ages: particularly knights, Armour, jousting. etc.
Summer, Fred

The universal magazine of Knowledge and Pleasure Volumes 2 and 3; Vol III

Great thoughts from Ruskin; No 24 Sesame booklets

The child's magazine; and Sunday Scholars companion for the year 1825 February - November

The bible story book
Draper, Rev B H

The seasons; stories for very young children. Volumes 2, 3 and 4 Spring, Summer and Autumn
Marcet, Mrs

Pawns; three poetic plays by John Drinkwater
Drinkwater, John

Last essays
Gill, Eric

History and development of fast dyeing and dyes; a lecture delivered before the Royal Society of Arts on Wednesday 20 Feb 1929
Morton, James

A course of water-colour painting with twenty-four coloured plates
Leitch, R P

Paper silhouettes; The making of pictures
Swannell, Mildred

A book of scripts
Fairbank, Alfred

A guide to the teaching of manuscript writing
Golds, S A

The sampler book of decorative needlework
Judd-Morris, Louisa

Children as artists
Tomlinson, R. R.

Gill, Eric

Written by hand
West, Aubrey

Hunting with the fox
Toulouse-Lautrec, Henri

Jesus wept; a commentary in black and white on ourselves and the world today
Wragg, Arthur

Art treasures centenary; European old masters 30th October to 31st December 1957

Survey of provincial museums and galleries

Educator extraordinary; the life and achievement of Henry Morris 1889-1961
Ree, Harry

At the rainbow's foot; an anthology of poems written by children from Cambridgeshire and the Isle of Ely

Lawrence, D H

Three ghosts
Wells, H. G., 1866-1946

Farewell, Aggie Weston; poems in pamphlet
Causley, Charles

The outcast
Stephens, James

Verses from the Hesperides of Robert Herrick

Graham Sutherland; Penguin modern painters
Sackville-West, Edward

The revelation of Saint John the Divine; with lithographs by Hans Feibusch

The Henry Morris collection
Morris, Henry, 1889-1961

Better handwriting:
Thomson, George L.

Pottery without a wheel
Tyler, Keith

Canework i
Crampton, Charles

English smocks; with directions for making them
Armes, Alice

Painting a craft for schools
Gillham, HEV

William Nicholson
Nichols, Robert

A plea for a wider use of artists and craftsmen
Rothenstein, William

Early Victorian scrapbook


Original cover for; Art gallery and museum schools' service, Manchester

People and places; children's art exhibition. 16mm film
Film or video

Moulding and casting/Sources of Great Expectations. 16mm films and video
Film or video

Local newspaper. 16mm film
Film or video

Pottery. 16mm film
Film or video

Working with clay. 16mm film
Film or video

Clay. 16mm film and video
Film or video

Silversmithing/Silver: trial run using copper/Children's art exhibition/Shots of school. 16mm films and video
Film or video

Satchel and sketch books
Bowen, May
Painting or drawing

A collection of cuttings of headstones from various graveyards
Brown, F.M
Painting or drawing

Letter to Reverend F R Williams re; fees to Bowen Parochial School

Letter to Fred Sumner re; his regisnation from the Manchester teaching service
Elliot, J K

Journal of the Royal Society of Arts

Stoneware pottery by Michael Cardew

Exmouth further education centre

Minutes of education committee meetings

Plan for alterations at the Athenaeum, Art Gallery schools' centre Manchester

6 newspapers

Manchester art galleries education service
Sumner, Fred

Material relating to Manchester LEA Children's Art Exhibition
Sumner, Fred

The contemporary artist and the community
Morris, Henry

The post-primary curriculum
Morris, Henry

Adult education: its place in post-war society
Morris, Henry, 1889-1961

Plans of Impington Village College
Cambridge Records Office

Certificate of Associateship; Awarded to Fred Sumner

Reference relating to Fred Summer re job application
Good, C.W.

Original and photocopy, together with notes, of a collector's colophon to commemorate the centenary of the birth of William Morris

Frida Leakey - Obituary

Letter enclosing booklet containing views, opinions and memories of a lifelong affection for Bretton Hall
Sumner, Fred

200 colour slides in box; labelled; pottery
Photograph or slide

165 colour slides in box labelled; furniture and painting
Photograph or slide

150 colour slides in box labelled; literature
Photograph or slide

Approximately 200 colour slides of National Trust properties, country houses, gardens etc
Photograph or slide

Approximately 125 colour slides
Photograph or slide

Photographs of exhibition display re; a special schools' GCE work on H G Wells
Photograph or slide

A drovers boy; A game devised to encourage a) a sense of fun and b) historical enquiry
Sumner, Fred

The castle; A teaching aid depicting a typical scene outside Scottish Command HQ in 1946
Sumner, Fred

Short speech re; clothes and fashion, intermittent music, voices etc.
Sound recording

Working with clay
Sound recording