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How to shade from models, common objects and casts of ornament. 2n d ed.
Sparkes, W.E.

Exposition and illustration in teaching.
Adams, John

Cole, Rex Vicat

Hand-book of practical perspective.
Jewitt, A.

Science of drawing. Part 1 - Trees.
Howard, Frank

Easy lessons in perspective.

Principles of drawing.
Bellin-Carter, L.

Art of making sketches. Translated from French by Clara Bell. Illu strated.
Fraipont, G.

Third grade perspective. Approved by the Science and Art Dept.
Dennis, H.J.

Sciography; or radial projection of shadows. 3rd ed.
Puckett, R. Campbell

Introduction to perspective, drawing and painting. 3rd ed.
Hayter, Charles

Object drawing for schools.
Symons, David

Cusack's freehand ornament. Part 1.
Armstrong, Charles

Cusack's freehand. Part 2.
Cusack, James

Cusack's shading. Revised ed.
Armstrong, Charles

Cusack's model drawing. 2nd ed.
Armstrong, Charles

Blackboard illustrations for object lessons. 2nd series.
Steetley, F.

Vere Foster's complete course of painting in watercolours, with in structions,
Duncan, E.

Vere Foster's complete course of drawing, with instructions.
Duncan, E

South Kensington drawing books.
Poynter, E.J.

Poynter's South Kensington drawing book.
Poynter, E.J.

Practical lessons in clay modelling; as a method of instruction.
Holt, Henry

Handicraft in the school. Vol.1.

Handicraft in the school. Vol.3.

New complete drawing course. Vol.1. Pastels.
Furniss, Dorothy

Drawing lessons for children. Ages 5-10.
Doust, L.A.

Object drawing for schools.
Symons, David

Drawing for art students and illustrators.
Seaby, Allen W.

Pastel for the standards. Vol.1. Junior book.
Tompkins, A.George

Up-to-date methods of teaching drawing in elementary schools.
Wood, Francis G.

Teacher's guide. Vol.3.

Allied arts and crafts. . Junior course.
Littlejohns, J.

Modern teaching in the junior school. Art. Handwork.
Blyton, Enid

Preceptor Vol.1. 4th ed.

Report of the committee on art examinations.

Vocational courses in colleges and schools of art.

Resources for visual education 7-13.

Figure composition.
Hatton, Richard G.

Oxford drawing book. New and improved ed.
Whittock, Nathaniel

Axioms on light, shade and shadow.
Clifton, W.

Rodwell and Martin's lithographic drawing book for students. No. 6.
Harding, J. D.

Elementary drawing book, for the year 1833. No. 5 .
Barnard, G.

Analysis of ornament. The characteristics of styles. 8th ed.
Wornum, Ralph N.

Brush-work and design. Part 1. 4th rev. ed. .
Steeley, Frank.

Brush-work and design. Part 2. 4th rev. ed. .
Steeley, Frank.

Art of drawing the human figure simplified.
Gates, William H.

Drawing models and their uses.
Harding, J. D.

Freehand for teachers and art students.
Branch, E. A.

Complete course of blackboard drawing. Book 1.
Branch, E. A.

Normal guide to model drawing. .
Schofield, Arthur.

Drawing without a master.
Trew, Cecil G.

Broad line drawing-book for the use of young children.

Figure drawing.
Hatton, Richard G.

Art student's pocket manual.
Barkas, H. Dawson.

Natural way to draw.
Nicolaides, Kimon.

Book of pencil drawing. 4th ed.
Branch, E. A.

Poynter's South Kensington drawing-book. Freehand, second grade. Book 1. New ed
.poynter, E. J.

Poynter's South Kensington drawing-book. Freehand, second grade. Book 2. New ed
.poynter, E. J.

System of instruction in landscape drawing.
Green, N. E.

Foliage exercises for the brush. Part 1.
Green, N. E.

Studies of trees. Part 3.
Green, N. E.

Gilbert's series of practical drawing books.

Self-expression in a junior school.
Logie, L.

Practical art teacher. Vol. 17. No. 11. May, 1897.

Drawing. 2nd ed.
Hartrick, A. S.

Learning through drawing

Rational foundation of art.
Holweck, Oskar, 1924-

Human form and its use in art.
Yerbury, F. R.

Suggestions for schemes of drawing.
Walker, John A.

Familiar treatise on drawing or youth.
Taylor, Charles.

Hints to teachers. 3rd ed.

Ablett's drawing copies for standard VII . Freehand drawing from the flat.
Ablett, T. R.

Training of the memory in art and the education of the artist.
Boisbaudran, Lecoq de.

Imagination in landscape painting.
Hamerton, Philip Gilbert

Drawing; technique and purpose.
Lambert, Susan.

Drawing from memory and mind picturing.
Catterson-Smith, R

Rapid drawing.
Stokes, William.

Observations on the arts.

Pictorial composition and the critical judgement of pictures. 2nd ed. rev.
Poore, H. R.

Pearce, Cyril.

Nature and aesthetics of design.
Pye, David.

Sacred and legendary art. 3rd ed. 2 Vols.
Jameson, Mrs.

Vision and design.
Fry, Roger.

Vision and design.
Fry, Roger.

Spirals in nature and art.
Cook, Theodore Andrea, 1867-1928

Art-studies from nature, as applied to design.
Hulme, F. E.

Drawing design and craft-work for teachers, students, etc. 2nd ed.
Glass, Frederick J.

Aesop in rhyme with some originals.
Taylor, Jefferys

Drawing and design; in a series of lessons. 2nd ed.
Leland, Charles G.

Manual of historic ornament. 3rd ed.
Glazier, Richard.

Principles of ornament.
Ward, James.

Elementary principles of ornament.
Ward, James.

Book of studies in plant form. 6th ed.
Lilley, A. E.

Theory and practice of design.
Jackson, Frank G.

Progressive design for students.
Ward, James.

Pictorial paper cutting.
Benton, Ellice G.

Short cuts to sketching.
Young, Hayward

Cult of the pastel.
Sanders, Herbert A.

Basic design; The dynamics of visual form.
De Saumarez, Maurice.

Aspects of form. A symposium on form in nature and art. 2nd ed.
Law, Lancelot.

Practical course in bookcrafts and bookbinding.
Mason, John.

Developments in design education.
Eggleston, John.

What is a designer; education and practice; a guide for students and teachers
Potter, Norman

Examples of lettering and design.
Littlejohns, J.

Dryad handicraft instruction leaflets.

Visual topology.
Lietmann, W.

Porter, E. G.

Writing and illuminating, and lettering. 9th ed.
Johnston, Edward.

Design education in schools.
Aylward, Bernard. (ed).

Design education at secondary level; a consultative document.

Design in general education. Part 1. Summary of findings and recommendations.

Origins and outcomes.
Clarke, Peter

Paganal Junior School project

Designing the future.

Technology and society.

Empty box.

Our conversation with things and places.

Journal of Art and Design Education. Vol. 1 No. 1 - Vol. 4 No. 3.

Toymaker cards. A set of thirty-one cards for handwork. Printed in colour.

Manuscript and inscription letters. Rev. ed.
Johnston, Edward.

Alphabet of ornamental initials from English manuscripts of the 12th century.

Practical handbook of geometrical composition and design.
Ghyka, Matila.

Environmental geometry.

On colour and a general diffusion of taste among all classes.
Wilkinson, J. Gardiner.

Colour as a means of art.
Howard, Frank.

Theory of colours.
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von.

Book of school colour work. Vol. 1. Pastel and watercolour. 3rd ed.
Branch, E. A.

Colours; their tints, shades and harmonies. Lesson two.
Petit, Gabriel Andre.

Elements of colour.
Itten, Johannes, 1888-1967

Principles of color.
Birren, Faber.

Color primer.
Ostwald, Wilhelm.

Grammar of color.
Munsell, Albert H.

Treatise on the art of painting, and the composition of colours.
Massoul, Constant de.

Descriptive handbook of modern water-colour pigments.
Taylor, J. Scott.

Laws of contrast of colour.
Chevreul, M. E.

Grammar of colouring applied to decorative painting and the arts. 4th ed.
Davidson, Ellis A.

Handbook for painters and art students. 2nd ed.
Muckley, William J.

Handbook for painters and art students. 3rd ed.
Muckley, William J.

New science of colour.
Irwin, Beatrice.

Colour practice in schools. Part 1. Infants and juniors. 3rd ed.
Tonks, O. J.

Painter's pocket-book of methods and materials. Ed. Jan Gordon.
Hiler, Hilaire.

Response to colour.

Reeves notes for teachers.


Ariadne Florentina.
Ruskin, John.

Crown of wild olive.
Ruskin, John.

Elements of drawing
Ruskin, John

Elements of drawing.
Ruskin, John.

Elements of perspective.
Ruskin, John.

Frondes agrestes. 7th ed.
Ruskin, John

Frondes agrestes. 8th ed.
Ruskin, John.

Laws of Feosole. Vol. 1.
Ruskin, John.

Lectures on art. New ed.
Ruskin, John.

Modern painters. 2nd ed.
Ruskin, John.

Modern painters. Vol 4. Containing part 5 of mountain beauty.
Ruskin, John.

Political economy of art.
Ruskin, John.

Queen of the air.
Ruskin, John.

Sesame and lilies; The two paths and The king of the golden river.
.ruskin, John.

Seven lamps of architecture. 3rd ed. in small form.
Ruskin, John.

Seven lamps of architecture. 6th ed. in small form.
Ruskin, John.

Time and tide by Weave and Tyne. 6th ed.
Ruskin, John.

Two paths.
Ruskin, John.

Unto this last. 10th ed.
Ruskin, John.

Saint George. Vol.1 No.4 -Vol.X No.40.

Reports for the sessions 1902-1903 and 1905-1906.

Life of John Ruskin. 9th ed.
Collingwood, W. G.

Art teaching of John Ruskin.
Collingwood, W. G.

John Ruskin. .
Harrison, Frederic.

Ruskin and his circle.
Earland, Ada.

John Ruskin.
Larg, David.

Savage Ruskin.
Conner, Patrick.

John Ruskin.
Dearden, James S.

Hopes and fears for art. .
Morris, William.

News from nowhere. 4th ed.
Morris, William.

William Morris; his work and influence.
Clutton-Brock, A.

Morris, William.
Tames, Richard.

Practical essays on art.
Burnet, John.

Moral discoveries of Epictetus. Vol. 2. Translated by Elizabeth Carter.

What is art? and essays on a art. Translated by Aylmer Maude.
Tolstoy, Leo.

How to earn the drawing grants. 6th ed rev.
Gardiner, Alfonzo.

Joyous wayfarers.
Bailey, C. W.

Lectures and lessons on art. 6th ed.
Moody, F. W.

Lectures and lessons on art. 8th ed.
Moody, F.W.

Portrait of Rossetti.
Grylls, Rosalie Glynn.

Education through art.
Read, Herbert.

Education through art.
Read, Herbert.

Artisan or artist?
Sutton, Gordon.

Hidden order of art.
Ehrenzweig, Anton.

Principles of art.
Collingwood, R. G.

Teaching of art in schools.
Gibbs, Evelyn.

Study of education and art.
Field, Dick

Change in art education.
Field, Dick.

Creative arts.
Ross, Malcolm.

Intelligence of feeling.
Witkin, Robert W.

Art & education.
Steveni, Michael.

Art & education.
Steveni, Michael.

Jennings, Seymour.

Art education; documents and policies 1768-1975.
Ashwin, Clive. (ed).

Student teacher's reader.
Perrodin, Alex F.

Arts and the adolescent. .
Ross, Malcolm.

Artists and people.
Braden, Su.

Teaching art.
Roberts, Doreen.

Children and creative activity. .
Plaskow, Daphne.

Art and child personality.
Dunnett, Ruth.

Study of art.
Wilenski, R. H., b. 1887

Developments in art teaching.
Wooff, Terence.

Experiment in education. .
Marshall, Sybil.

Experiment in education. .
Marshall, Sybil.

Art in the secondary school.
Allen, Arthur B.

Junior play-hour book.
Hoatson, Florence.

Studies in the history of educational theory. Vol 1.
Bantock, G. H.

Meaning of art. 2nd ed.
Read, Herbert.

Art for children.
Berry, Ana M

Children as artists.
Tomlinson, R. R., b. 1885

History and philosophy of art education.
Macdonald, Stuart.

Art education.
Barrett, Maurice.

Everyday art at school and home.
Sawer, D. D.

Elementary art teaching.
Taylor, Edward R.

Visual arts.

Arts in schools.

Some aspects of art education.

Art in daily life for young and old.
Sawer, D.D.

Everyday art at school and home. 2nd ed.
Sawer, D.D.

Systems art; enquiry two.
Price, Eddie

Art 7-11.

Art and the child.
Richardson, Marion.

Memorandum on the teaching of art.

Three pamphlets relating to Franz Cizek.
Wilson, Francesca M.

Art as learning.
Loeb, Helga

Pull of the Future.

Creative and mental growth.
Lowenfeld, Viktor.

Creative and mental growth. 3rd ed.
Lowenfeld, Viktor.

Creative and mental growth. 6th ed.
Lowenfeld, Viktor

Speaks on art and creativity. Ed. W. Lambert Brittain.
Lowenfeld, Viktor.

Art education in the public schools of the United States.
Haney, James Parton (ed).

Augsburg's drawing. Book 1.
Augsburg, D. R.

Augsburg's drawing. Book 2.
Augsburg, D. R.

Augsburg's drawing. Book 3.
Augsburg, D. R.

Text books of art education. Book 6. Sixth year.
Froehlich, Hugo B.

Text books of art education. Book 7. Seventh year.
Froehlich, Hugo B.

Teacher's manual. Part 1.
Clark, John

Art education. 64th yearbook. Part 2.

Self development in drawing.
Beck, Walter.

Art education applied to industry.
Nichols, George Ward.

Theory and practice of teaching art. 2nd ed.
Dow, Arthur Wesley.

Composition. 7th ed.
Dow, Arthur Wesley.

Concepts in art and education.
Pappas, George.

Creative teaching in art. Rev. ed.
D'Amico, Victor.

Aesthetics and criticism in art education.
Smith, Ralph A. (ed).

Educating artistic vision.
Eisner, Elliot W.

Readings in art education.
Eisner, Elliot W.

Arts, human development and education.
Eisner, Elliot W..

Educational imagination.
Eisner, Elliot W.

Selected psychological concepts as applied to the teaching of draw ing.
Beittel, Kenneth R.

Art teacher.
Lemos, Pedro J.

Philosophy in a new key.
Langer, Susanne K.

Problems of art.
Langer, Susanne K.

Handbook on formative and summative evaluation of student learning.
Bloom, Benjamin S.

Art in the high school.
Hubbard, Guy.

Arts in higher education.
Dennis, Lawrence E.

Toward an aesthetic education.

Programs of promise; art in the schools.
Hurwitz, Al. (ed).

Growth of art in American schools.
Logan, Frederick M.

Art, culture, and environment.
McFee, June King

Guidelines; curriculum development for aesthetic education.
Barkan, Manuel

Ways of worldmaking.
Goodman, Nelson.

Technics and civilzation.
Mumford, Lewis.

Rugg, Harold.

Art in the public schools, years 1-12. Rev. ed.
Wetherington, Julia. (ed).

School arts magazine.

Seminar in art education for research and curriculum development.
Mattil, Edward L. (project director).

Review of research in visual arts education.

Art education; elementary.

Art education; senior high school.


Behavioral emphasis in art education.

Arts renaissance; reach into the future.

Bibliography of children's art literature.
Marantz, Kenneth.

Guidelines for teacher preparation; a position statement.

Creative problem solving abilities in art of academically superior adolescents.

Arts education advocacy.

Viewpoints. Vol. 5. No. 1.

Problem of objectivity in aesthetic value.
Child, Irvin L.

Literary interpretation as conventionalized verbal behavior.
Peckham, Morse.

Crossing point; nine Easter letters on the art of education.
Richards, Mary Caroline.

Existential-phenominological account of aesthetic education.
Kaelin, Eugene F.

Psychology of aesthetic behavior.
Berlyne, D. E.

Art in the Marcursean analysis.
Burnham, Jack.

Bulletin of the council for research in music education. No. 43. Summer 1975.

Doctoral research in art education.
Lanier, Vincent.

Syllabus for art education.
Silverman, Ronald H.

Art; magic, impulse, and control.
Bradley, William.

Instructional media and creativity.
Taylor, Calvin W.

Critique; competency and art education.
MacGregor, Nancy

Art,artists and art education.
Lansing, Kenneth M.

Art education; its philosophy and pyschology; ed essays.
Munro, Thomas.

Curricular considerations for visual arts education.
Hardiman, George W.

Essays in philosophy of art education.
Norris, Ross.

Arts, cognition, and basic skills.
Madeja, Stanley S.

Guiding free expression in children's art.
Merritt, Helen.

Experiments in creative art teaching.
D'Amico, Victor.

Art and basic education.

Artists-in-schools; analysis and criticism.

Curriculum for the Visual Arts Department of the United Arts Program.

Unified Arts Program.

Issues in art education. Vol. 1. No. 1. - Vol. 2. No. 6.

Aesthetic education today; problems and prospects.
Smith, Ralph A. (ed).

Insights; art in special education. Educating the handicapped through art.

Guide to teaching art. Grades one-twelve.

Introduction to educational psychology.
Stones, E.

Readings in educational psychology.
Stones, E.

Dictionary of psychology.
Drever, James.

Techniques of persuasion.
Brown, J. A. C.

Divided self.
Laing, R. D.

Aesthetic adventure.
Gaunt, William.

Uses and abuses of psychology.
Eysenck, H.J.

Know your own I.Q.
Eysenck, H.J.

Beyond freedom and dignity.
Skinner, B.F.

Mysticism and logic.
Russell, Bertrand.

Problem of knowledge.
Ayer, A. J., 1910-1989

Memory. .
Hunter, Ian M.L.

How children learn.
Holt, John.

Psychiatry to-day.
Stafford-Clark, David.

Alfred Adler; an introduction to his psychology.
Way, Lewis.

Psychology of learning.
Borger, Robert

Psychology of perception.
Vernon, M.D.

Scientific analysis of personality.
Cattell, Raymond B.

Pears, David.

Mechanism of mind.
Bono, Edward de.

Basic statistics in behavioural research.
Maxwell, A.E.

Straight and crooked thinking. Rev. ed.
Thouless, Robert H.

Psychology of thinking.
Thomson, Robert.

Psychology and epistemology.
Piaget, Jean.

Mental tests.
Ballard, Phillip Bosward.

Frameworks for perceptual localisation.
Fisher, Gerald H.

Eye and brain; the psychology of seeing.
Gregory, R.L.

Overcoming learning difficulties.
Crouch, Boyd

Towards a psychology of art. Collected essays.
Arnheim, Rudolf.

Art and visual perception.
Arnheim, Rudolf.

Human intelligence; it's nature and assessment.
Butcher, H.J.

Five day course in thinking.
Bono, Edward de.

Linguistic philosophy.
Kats, Jerrold, J.

Warnock, Mary.

Reading, the arts, and the creation of meaning.
Eisner, Elliot W.

Art and science of creativity.
Kneller, George F.

Creativity; ed readings.
Vernon, P.E.

Creativity and personal freedom.
Barron, Frank.

Experiment, design and statistics in psychology.
Robson, Colin.

Act of creation. Picador ed.
Koestler, Arthur.

Inner eye.
Byrne, Peter

Psychological bulletin. Vol. 47. No. 5.

Studies of childhood. New ed.
Sully, James.

Psychology of learning and instruction; educational psychology.
Cecco, John P. de.

Works. 2nd ed. 3 Vols.
Reynolds, Sir Joshua.

Supplement to the memoirs of... Sir Joshua Reynolds, Knt.
Northcote, James.

Discourses of Sir Joshua Reynolds. Ed. Edmund Gosse.
Reynolds, Sir Joshua.

Discourses. Ed. Helen Zimmern.
Reynolds, Sir Joshua.

Eagles, John.

Our sketching club. 5th ed.
Tyrwhitt, R. St. John.

Handbook of pictorial art.
Tyrwhitt, R. St. John.

Meditations and contemplations. Albion Press ed.
Hervey, James.

Elementary art teaching.
Taylor, Edward R.

Dialogue on beauty in the manner of Plato.
Stubbs, George.

Philosophical enquiry into the origin of our ideas of the sublime and beautiful
.burke, Edmund.

Art as experience.
Dewey, John.

Pioneers of modern design; from William Morris to Walter Gropius. Penguin ed.
Pevsner, Nikolaus.

Theory of beauty. 5th ed.
Carritt, E.F.

Philosophy of modern art.
Read, Herbert.

Structure of aesthetics.
Sparshoff, F.E.

Readings in philosophy of art and aesthetics.
Nahm, Milton C.

McLuhan, Marshall.

Art. .
Bell, Clive.

Vision and design. .
Fry, Roger.

Osborne, Harold.

British journal of aesthetics. Vol. 10. No. 4.

Education of an artist.
Hind, C. Lewis.

Education of the artist.
Chesneau, Ernest.

Draw they must; a history of the teaching and examining of art
Carline, Richard.

Talks about art.
Hunt, W.M.

Education through the imagination.
McMillan, Margaret.

Art and scholasticism.
Maritain, Jacques.

Art of Englishmen and other writings.
Oldham, Roger.

Notes on the science of picture-making.
Holmes, C.J.

Religion of art.
Hallward, Reginald.

Coxon, Raymond.

Picture teaching for young and old. 5th ed.
Byrne, Janet.

Education through art in Australia.
Smith, Bernard

On not being able to paint.
Field, Joanna.

Child art and Franz Cizek.
Viola, Wilhelm.

Human zoo.
Morris, Desmond.

Creativity; progress and potential.
Taylor, Calvin W.

Collective dream in art.
Abell, Walter.

Contemporary approaches to creative thinking.
Gruber, Howard E

Modes of thinking in young children.
Wallach, Michael A.

Visual thinking.
Arnheim, Rudolf.

Intelligent eye.
Gregory, R. L.

Lateral thinking; a textbook of creativity.
Bono, Edward de.

Explorations in creativity.
Mooney, Ross L.

Rules and meanings.
Douglas, Mary.

Psychotic art.
Reitman, Francis.

Man's rage for chaos.
Peckham, Morse.

Changing thought in primary and secondary education.
Higginson, J.H.

Symbolism and truth.
Eaton, Ralph Monroe.

Common denominators in art and science.
Pollock, Martin.

What children scribble and why.
Kellog, Rhoda.

Art and its objects. 2nd ed. with six supplementary essays.
Wollheim, Richard.

Education of vision.
Kepes, Gyorgy.

Morris, Desmond.

Naked ape.
Morris, Desmond.

Piaget and conceptual development.
Hyde, D. M. G.

Contemporary moral philosophy.
Warnock, G. J.

Introduction to existentialism.
Greene, Marjorie.

Biology of art.
Morris, Desmond.

Freedom and authority in education.
Bantock, G. H.

Testament for social science.
Wooton, Barbara.

Concepts in art and education; an anthology of current issues.
Papppas, George.

Cultural content of education.

Actions, styles and symbols in kinetic family drawings .
Burns, Robert C.

Computer in art.
Reichardt, Jasia.

Love in art.
Potter, Mary Knight.

Four arts annual, 1936-37.

Encyclopedia of educational research.

British thesaurus of keywords in art and design education.
Allison, Brian.

Motif. Nos. 8-13.

Treatise on government. Translated by William Ellis.

Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery
Dean, John

Set of Roman and allied alphabets.

Pen lettering for beginners.
Down, Maurice G.

Impoverished mind.
Eisner, Elliot W.

On memory and the rational means of improving it. 5th ed.
Pick, Edward.

Memory. 79th ed.
Stokes, William.

Aspects of educational technology. Vol. 7.

Subject approach to information. 2nd ed.
Foskett, A. C.

Gentle art of making enemies.
Whistler, James McNeill.

Humane philosophy of Jean Jacques Rousseau.
Rousseau, Jean Jacques.

Herbert Spencer. .
Low-Beer, Ann

Comenius. .
Sadler, John E.

Rousseau. .
Claydon, Leslie F.

Educational ideas of Pestalozzi and Frobel.
Hayward, F. H.

World yearbook of education 1969.

Dreams and education.
Hill, J.C.

Art in schools.

Godel, Escher, Bach.
Hofstadter, Douglas R.

Twentieth-century philosophy.
Weitz, Morris. ed.

Tacit dimension.
Polanyi, Michael.

Realms of meaning.
Phenix, Phillip H.

Computer science; basic language.
Keenan, Thomas A.

Aspects of educational technology. Vol. 3.

Electronics pocket book. 2nd ed.
Hawker, J.P.

Cybernetic machines.
Nemes, T.

Planning small scale research. Rev. ed.
Evans, K. M.

Statistics for the teacher; or how to put figures in their place.
Crocker, A. C.

William Henry Hunt 1790-1864

Illustrated dictionary of words used in art and archaeology.
Mollett, J. W.

Infant's magazine. Vol. 20. Nos. 229-253.

Handbook of suggestions.

Scenic modelling.
Hobbs, Edward W.

Trade schools on the continent.
Education, Board of.

Know thyself, or nature's secrets revealed.

Cowham's graphic lessons in physical and astronomical geography. 5th ed.
Cowham, Joseph H.

Art journal. New series. January-December, 1886.

Dear Lord James; A critique of teacher education.
Burgess, Tyrrell.

Reform of teacher education.

Design and analysis in educational research.
Burroughs, G. E. R.

Education in the middle years. .
Badcock, E. H.

Radio control for models.
Judd, F. C.

Picture magazine. Vol. 4. July-December.

Moonshine. 1891.

Complete plain words
Gowers, Sir, Ernest

English society in the early middle ages, 1066-1307. 2nd ed.
Stenton, Doris Mary.

Photography. Rev. ed.
Mare, Eric de.

Boolean algebra.
Flegg, H. Graham.

School is dead.
Reimer, Everett.

Taylor, Rupert.

Arts in society.
Barker, Paul. ed.

Necessity of art; a Marxist approach.
Fischer, Ernst.

Facts from figures. 3rd rev. ed.
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China pictorial; special issue. Commemorating the 25th anniversar y of Chairman Mao's Talks at the Yenan Forum on Literature and Ar t .

Chinese books incorporating drawings, sketches, paintings etc.

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Papers and letters.

Papers and letters. .

Papers and letters. .

Papers and letters. .

Papers and letters.

Papers and letters.

Papers and letters. .

Papers and letters.

Papers and letters.

Papers and letters.

Papers and letters.

Examples of drawing cards. 20 items.

Michael Steveni talking about his library.
Sound recording

Michael Steveni talking about his own writings.
Sound recording