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Eye on the environment; an art education project
Joicey, H B

Look; visual perception and materials
Brennan, Wilfred

Fads, fakes and fantasies.
Hannema, Sjoerd.

Children's growth through creative experience.

Arts; a preparation to teach.
Cleave, Shirley

Towards another picture.
Brighton, Andrew

Simple lessons in flower painting. In 4 parts. .
Foster, Vere

Picture making by children.
Tomlinson, R. R., b. 1885

Practical treatise on painting. In three parts. New ed.
Burnett, John.

Educating for art; critical responses and development.
Taylor, Rod.

Experiment in education.
Marshall, Sybil.

Adventure in creative education. .
Marshall, Sybil.

Art teacher's handbook.
Clement, Robert.

Introduction to curriculum research and development.
Stenhouse, Lawrence

Psychology and the teacher. 2nd ed.
Child, Dennis.

Half our future.
Education, Ministry of.

Children and their primary schools. Vol 1. The report.
Education and Science, Department of.

Survey of the history of education.
Wodehouse, Helen.

Old West Riding. Vol 3, No 2 Winter 1983.

Arts in schools. Phase 1 Co-ordinator Anne Kennedy.

Kellog's National Exhibition of Children's Art. September 1977-July 1978.

Learning through drawing

Toys and education.

Nature and art of motion. .
Kepes, Gyorgy.

Double harness
Tanner, Robin.

Guiding human misfits.
Adler, Alexandra.

Educational theories.
Adams, John.

Tractate on education. Ed. Oscar Browning.
Milton, John.

Good enough for the children?
Blackie, John.

Study of imagination in early childhood and it's function in mental development
Griffiths, Ruth.

Management of young children.
Blatz, William

Social development in young children.
Isaacs, Susan.

Intellectual growth in young children.
Isaacs, Susan.

Judgment and reasoning in the child
Piaget, Jean.

Art and artistic handicrafts for the school. Vol. 3. The senior school.
1)allen, Arthur B.

Art and artistic handicrafts for the school. Vol. 3. The senior school.
2)allen, Arthur B.

Children in the nursery school
Johnson, Harriet M.

Education for a world adrift. Ed. Ernest Baker.
Livingstone, Richard.

Educational ideas of Pestalozzi
Green, J. A.

Education under eight.
Gardner, D. E. M.

Psychology of sex and sex education. Education to-morrow; No 6.
Schwarz, Oswald.

Social evolution and the new education. Education to-morrow; No 4.
Piaget, Jean

Dreams and education.
Hill, J.C.

Place of industries in elementary education.
Dopp, Katherine Elizabeth.

Origins of invention. Ed. Havelock Ellis.
Mason, Otis T.

Educational value of the nursery school.
Isaacs, Susan.

Child guidance.

Some suggestions for the re-education of the delinquent.

Early developments of number concepts. .

Education europeenne.
Gary, Romain.

Pagan papers. 3rd ed.
Grahame, Kenneth.

Vanity fair; a novel without a hero. .
Thackeray, W. M.

Four Georges and the English humourists of the eighteenth century.
Thackeray, W. M.

Green flag.
Doyle, A. Conan.

Adventures of Gerard.
Doyle, A. Conan.

Fighting instinct. Trans. J. Y. T. Greig.
Bovet, Pierre.

Peckham experiment.
Pearse, Innes H.

Story of primitive man. With illustrations.
Clodd, Edward.

Rivals and The school for scandal . .
Sheridan, Richard Brinsley.

I sometimes think.
Robinson, Lennox.

Christianity and social order.
Temple, William

Story telling.
Lyman, Edna.

Child psychology and religious education. 5th ed.
Wilson, Dorothy F.

Twenty tales for telling.
Clark, Elizabeth.

Discipline of peace.
Barlow, K. E.

Apocrypha, according to the authorised version.

Thomas Moore-poet. His life and works.
Symington, Andrew James.

Creative crafts in education.
Robertson, Seonaid

Problem of the soul.
Holmes, Edmond

Will to believe.
James, William.

Erewhon; or over the range. New rev. ed.
Butler, Samuel.

Orthodoxy. 3rd. ed.
Chesterton, G. K., 1874-1936

Miraculous birth of language
Wilson, Richard Albert.

English children.
Lund, Sylvia

Design and primary education; a consultative report.

Art, craft and design in the primary school.
Lancaster, John. ed.

Some comments on assessment and evaluation in art and design education
Chisholm, Anthony John.

Visual education; some proposals for syllabus construction.
Chisholm, Anthony John.

Aims and practice of an Expressive Arts curriculum for the 11-13 years old pup
Mace, David.

Clay - middle years.
Young, Alastair.

Junior school art
Bassano, Patricia.

Study of children's responses to enviroment, with special reference to the...
Hartland, Clifford.

Case for claywork in the school curriculum
Ferris, Gary.

Lettering for children. 3rd ed.
Tanner, Robin.

Book crafts for schools. Part 2. Constructive and decorative work for juniors.
Collins, A.F.

Women's work; two years in the life of a Women Artists Group.

Didactics of art education. A selected bibliography for 1984 -. In progress.

S.E.A. News Review - Autumn term 1981-Spring term 1983.

Life full of meaning.
Keeble, R. W. J.

Fighting instinct.
Bovet, Pierre.

Story of Mozart.
Kaufmann, Helen L.

Grimm's Fairy Tales and Household Stories.
Grimm, J

English mystics.
Bullet, Gerald.

Dibs; in search of self.
Axline, Virginia M.

Critical and historical essays.
Macauly, Thomas Babington.

Elizabeth Ham by herself 1783-1820.Ed. Eric Gillett.
Ham, Elizabeth.

Art education. Vol.23 No.1 - vol.36 No.6 .

School arts. Vol.65 No.2 -vol.81 No.3

Art & craft in education. No.158 - 239 .

Studio. Vol.24 No.106 - vol.131 No.639.

World's famous pictures. No 1 - 24..

Journal of art & design education; vol 1 no 1

Course A352, units 1-15.

Apollo. Vol.10 No.56.

Connoisseur. Vol.90 No.375.

New era in home and school. Vol.18 No.4.

Art journal. Vol.4.

Art-union. Monthly journal of the fine arts. Vol.9.

Dessins d'un enfant; etude psychologique.
Luquet, G.-H.

Practical handwork for the infant school. Vol. 3. General handwork.
Wakefield, Martha E.

Teaching art to young children 4-9.
Barnes, Rob.

Biology of art.
Morris, Desmond.

Arts in schools. Phase 1.; Co-ordinator Anne Kennedy

Mass-observation archive; a guide for reseachers.
Sheridan, Dorothy

Journal of the National Society for Art Education.


Arts in Schools Project.

Practical handwork for the infant school. Vol.4. Busy work for nimble fingers.
Ganthorpe, Annie.

New, continuous and progressive course of cardboard modelling for the standard
s.Bedford, Henry.

Colour practice in schools.
Tonks, O. J.

Distant landscape. .
Doust, L. A.

Paper tearing; an interesting and educational occupation.
Pugh, Bertha.

Course of educational handwork for schools and training colleges.
Paterson, Henry G.

Ruskin; the great Victorian.
Leon, Derrick.

Art of England.Lectures given in Oxford. Lectures 1-6. 6 vols.
Ruskin, John.

Consideration of creativity in art education with reference to ceramics.
Blackman, Juliet.

Art in the curriculum; 7-11 year olds.
Tinsley, Claire.

Photography in education through art.
Parkhurst, Brian James.

Disclosing artifice and meaning in artifacts
Chaplin, Patricia M.

Use of computers in the school art curriculum 11-18.
Savage, Edwin Walter.

Education in the arts and the ABLE child.
Taylor, Susan A.

Functions of art education in the early years.
Cummins, Gill.

Ceramics, Raku and active learning.
Muchan, Paul.

Survey of selected school art and design departments; 11-16.
Hickey, Pat.

Looking, seeing and understanding in the middle years.
Gordon, Frank.

Art in context; with special reference to a school in the north east of Englan
d.Hickey, Geoffrey R.

John Morley and art education.
Palliser, Neil.

Celtic art; the methods of construction.
Bain, George.

On the old road. 2 volumes bound as 3.
Ruskin, John.

W. R. Lethaby, 1857-1931; architecture, design and education.
Backemeyer, Sylvia

Drawings of John Ruskin.
Walton, Paul. H.

How to earn the drawing grants. 9th ed. rev
Gardiner, Alonzo

Calligrapher's handbook.
Lamb, C. M.

Handwriting manual. 2nd ed. rev.
Fairbank, Alfred.

Formal penmanship and other papers. Pbk. ed. Edited by Heather Child.
Johnston, Edward.

Module, symmetry, proportion.
Kepes, Gyorgy.

Structure in art and in science.
Kepes, Gyorgy.

Lectures on decorative art. New and cheaper re-issue.
Moody, F. W.

Atlas handicraft materials.

History and philosophy of art education.
Macdonald, Stuart.

Readings in art and design education. 2. After Coldstream.
Piper, David Warren.

Your child and his art; a guide for parents.
Lowenfeld, Viktor.

Zeichmungen und gemalde der geisteskranken
Jakab, Irene.

Block printing in the school.
Rice, William. S.

Art of the child.
Pelikan, Alfred. G.

Picture making by children.
Tomlinson, R. R., b. 1885

Individual art course. A tutor years course of assignments. 4 Vols.
Hicks, Joseph.

Chromatics; or an essay on the analogy and harmony of colours.

Sir Herbert Read
Richardson, Jillian.

Teaching of art in schools.
Gibbs, Evelyn.

Artist in each of us.
Cane, Florence.

Design - as applied to arts and crafts.
Smith, F.R.

Teaching creative art in schools
Eccott, Rosalind

Tree test.
Koch, Charles.

Picture and pattern-making by children.
Tomlinson, R. R., b. 1885

Art education and multiculturalism.
Mason, Rachel.

Euston Road School; a study in objective painting.
Laughton, Bruce.

Living powers; the arts in education.
Abbs, Peter.

Teaching of drawing; its aims and methods.
Polak, Solomon

Bauhaus 1919-1928.
Bager, Herbert

Royal College of Art; one hundred & fifty years of art design.
Frayling, Christopher.

Art in American schools in the nineteenth century.
Wygart, Foster.

Realization of anti-racist teaching.
Brandt, Godfrey. L.

Object drawing for schools. .
Symons, David.

Art teaching in secondary schools.
Walton, Edith.C.

Draw they must; a history of the teaching and examining of art.
Carline, Richard.

New Vision, 56-66
Garlake, Margaret.

Allied arts and crafts. .
Littlejohns, J

An experienced art master.
Foster, V.

Art and the public today. 2nd ed.
Rookman, H.R.

Help for the arts

Practising teachers in teacher education; pioneering the obvious.
Hall, James

Educational needlecraft.
Swanson, Margaret.

Dear world = Cher monde; the Canadian Children's project.
Wicks, Ben.

Bethnal Green Museum of childhood.
Burton, Antony.

Children's work in block printing. 6th ed.
Tanner, Robin.

Artists in our schools.

Art of play.
Reed, Kate.(ed).

Redemption of the robot; my encounter with education through art.
Read, Herbert.

Visual and performing arts framework for California public schools.

Art teacher.
Lemos, Pedro J.

Investigation of the role and potential application of lens-based media in
Preston, Derrick M.

Design museum at Butler's Wharf.

Marion Richardson .
Holdsworth, Bruce.

Handbooks, etc.for post graduate certificate in education and similar courses.

Arts in Schools Project. The North Yorkshire initiative.

Catalogue of an exhibition in celebration of the centenary of William Morris.

Support for the arts in England and Wales.
Redaliffe-Maud, Lord.

Arts in education; some research studies.
Tickle, Les.

List of titles of archive groups held at the Archive of Art and Design.

Developing the arts in primary school; good practice in teacher ed ucation.
Sharp, Caroline

Watching you watching me.
Clarke, Angela

Decorative arts; their relation to modern life and progress.
Morris, William.

Basic design; the dynamics of visual form.
Sausmarez, Maurice de.

Art and visual perception; a psychology of the creative.
Arnheim, Rudolf.

Art education, civilization and the 21st century.
Wilson, Brent.

Basil Rocke; artist and teacher.
Devonald, Rosemary

Teaching of art; technique of teaching series
Bucher, L de C

Critical studies in art and design education
Thistlewood, David

TVEI art and design; case study no 1

Education for crafts

Tool for learning
Rubens, Maurice

Art and design in Warwickshire primary schools; questions and convictions

Arts in schools; principles, practice and provision.

Complete artist; secondhand books catalogue
Spelman, Ken

Arts in the primary school; reforming teacher education.


Bishop Otter permanent art collection; catalogue.

Studies in art education; a journal of issues and research in art education. Vol.31 No.1.

Real thing; summary of school projects.

Documentary art education; a report of the symposium organised by the Arts Council and held on the first day of the annual course an d conference of the NSEAD, Bristol 1989.
Allen, Dave

Readings in art and design curriculum; a collection of research papers from the centre for postgraduate studies in Education, Leicester Polytechnic
Mason, Rachel M.

Glen Park Primary School art guideline.
Stokes, Helen

Classroom issues in assessment and evaluation in the arts; the result of a collaborative action research project 1986-1988. .
Treacher, Veronica

Art, craft, design and technology links. Report of a teachers' short course held at Chester College of Higher Education, July 10-14, 1989.

Drawing on culture. Catalogue for a travelling exhibition of children's drawings from rural Kenya, July-October 1989.
Court, Elsbeth

T.V.E.I. Art and design.
Hinchliffe, David

Music in secondary schools.

Voice training in schools. 2nd ed.
Jacques, Reginald

Outline of musical education. Part 1; Nursery, infant and junior schools. Rev. ed.

Education and initial training of teachers; memorandum submitted to the committee of inquiry.

Scope of instrumental music in schools.

Standing conference for amateur music.

Music in schools. Pamphlet No. 27.

Music centres and the training of specially handicapped children.

Music in American education. Source book No. 2.
Morgan, Hazel Nohavec

Musik; Das Studium der Musik in Grossbritanniem.
Bottrall, Ingeborg

Musikrat der D D R. Nationales Zentrum fur Misikerziehung der D D R.
Michel, Paul

Music-work in the school; a hand book for class teachers.
Roberts, Helen V.S.

Music in schools; a world survey.

Sir Alec Clegg and the Arts in schools. A commentary on the exhibi tion of the work from schools in the West Riding Education Authori ty during the period of service of Sir Alec Clegg as Chief Educati on Officer 1945-74. .
Mace, David

Useful and Celebrated ; Sheffield School of Art 1843-1940.

Preparation for art. 2nd. ed.
McFee, June King

Design and craft in education.
Zanker, Francis

Learning and teaching through arts and crafts.
Cotton, Alan

For art's sake?; a strategic approach to teaching art in schools
Cross, Jack

Study of education and art.
Field, Dick

Pottery in the primary school.
Cummings, David

Visual education in the primary school.
Pickering, John M.

Exploring the arts with children.
Dimondstein, Geraldine

Creative expression with crayons.
Boylston, Elise Reid

Children at risk. 2nd ed.
Mahon, Dr.

Children with special educational needs.

Remedial education; National Assn. for Remedial Education. Vol 13. Nos. 3 and 4.
Widlake, Paul

Special Education.
Peter, Margaret

Special Education; forward trends. Vol.1 Nos.1 and 3.
Peter, Margaret

Studies in English; a book for secondary schools. Part 1-Language.
Robb, William

It makes you think; Book 1 - Exercises in the use of English for t he young adult.
Fozzard, P.R.

Booklet of the origin and function of the University archive.

Artskills; alternative to drug project.
Corina, Alex

Arts for health

In sight; an art education journal for North Yorkshire.
Bowden, John

A.E.M.S. magazine of the arts education for a multicultural societ y.
Mullard, Chris

Art at heart; work by students at schools for the blind in Japan.

European Institutes for Higher Education in the Arts.

QUAE; the Bretton Hall magazine

Redemption of the robot; my encounter with Education through Art.
Read, Herbert

Essential tests in English; oral and script.
White, W.Bertram

Grammar of modern English for foreign students.
Miller, Cyril

Toad of Toad Hall; a play from 'Wind in the Willows'.
Milne, A.A.

'Trends in education'; an educational booklet.

Teaching of English; a new approach.
Tomkinson, W.S.

Mysterious warning; a German tale in four volumes.
Parsons, Eliza

Castle of Wolfenbach.
Parsons, Eliza

New directions.
Watson, Ken

English Three.
O'Malley, Raymond

Oxford English course.
Faucett, Lawrence

Poetry and prose for everyday life; a four-year course.
May, C.F.D.

Combined course of literary reading and composition.
Marsh, Lewis

English through experience.
Rowe, A.W.

English workshop; book one.
2durband, Alan

It makes you think; book 2. Exercises in the use of English for the young adult.
Fozzard, P.R.

Teaching of English in Upper Forms.
Ratcliffe, A.J.J.

Practical English.

Junior English; 22nd edition.
Rahtz, F.J.

English in the primary school. 2nd edition.
Cutforth, John A.

Sense and sensitivity; the philosophy and practice of English teac hing.
Creber, J.W.Patrick

Highlands of literature; Book 2. Bards and minstrels.

Religion in education, vol 10 no 1 - vol 22 no 3

National Froebel Foundation; bulletin nos 137-151

Froebel journal; nos 1-30

Bretton Hall 1948-1968: Community and creativity in the education and training of teachers
Friend, John F

Bad art; the twelfth annual foundation lecture delivered at Bretton Hall
Bell, Quentin

Change and delusion in public education; the thirteenth annual foundation lecture delivered at Bretton Hall
Clegg, A.B.

The literary imagination; the eighth annual foundation lecture delivered at Bretton Hall
Tuck, J P

Aesthetics and education
Reid, L A

Conflicts in contemporary art; the third annual foundation lecture delivered at Bretton Hall
Read, Herbert

Experiment and experience; the tenth annual foundation lecture delivered at Bretton Hall
Niblett, W R

Arts and sciences in education; the eleventh annual foundation lecture delivered at Bretton Hall
Morris, Ben

The nature of creativity; the fourth annual lecture delivered at Bretton Hall
Tibble, J W

The Wakefield cycle of mystery plays

The visual arts in multicultural education
Loeb, Helga

Children's art

Beijing review; a Chinese weekly of news and views. Vol 24, No 24 June 11-17

What are the arts for?
Smith, Anthony

Discussion document

A plea for poetry
Fox, John

The socio-economic effects of the arts
Peacock, Alan

Arts access overview

Arts and institutions
Miles, Malcolm

Cultural equity
Blackman, Peter

Cultural diversity; Cypriot cultural interests and aspirations
Vigar, Maria

Education and the arts

International support for the arts
Horstman, Jean

European integration and the cultural sector
Mulder, Peter

Popular culture
Frith, Simon

Towards a new cultural map
Willis, Paul

Community arts
Corner, Lee

The arts as a profession
Brown, Geoffrey

Management of arts organisations
Fishel, David

Performance assessment
Bovaird, Tony

Hoyle, Susan

Live art
Keidan, Lois

Niven, Alastair

Visual arts
Nairne, Sandy

Lane, Barry


Coonan, Rory

Folk arts
Rigby, Ros

Marketing the arts

Touring visual arts
Baker, Barry

Curtis, Ruth

National strategy!; a mind game for 1 to 57 million people. Delegate pack

INSEA news vol 1

NSEAD newsletter

NSEAD annual report

He who is not alight cannot fire others; an appreciation of John Friend MA BSc, Founder Principal Bretton Hall College 1949-1968

The twenty-seventh report 1982-1990

The guild of play book of national dances, part III; with description and direction to dance, music and costume
Kimmins, G T

The history of English dramatic poetry to the time of Shakespeare, and annals of the stage to teh Restoration. vols 1,2 and 3
Collier, J Payne

Report from the select committee on dramatic literature; with the minutes of evidence

Bretton stories; presented to Mr J F Friend on his retirement as first Principal of the college

Towards a national arts and media strategy

A history of industrial design
Lucie-Smith, Edward, 1933-

Art in schools; education survey II

A guide to the Arts Council library; for Arts Council staff and others professionally involved in the arts

A first approach to English literature
Glover, A J

Latin translation for public school scholarships
Dalton, Basil

Brown, Ivor

The plays of John Galsworthy
Galsworthy, John

Modern painters vol 1-5
Ruskin, John

Media education; issue 15

Annual review

Bretton Hall degree show

Annual report of the academic board

The future of the arts in schools; inaugural conference of the National Arts Education Archive Bretton Hall

Women in art education
Hulley, Elvina Wendy

The Aldis epidiascope

Historic houses and castles in Great Britain; open to the public

Motif 1; a journal of the visual arts. November 1958
McLean, Ruari

Motif 2; a journal of the visual arts. February 1959
McLean, Ruari

Motif 3; September 1959
McLean, Ruari

Motif 4; March 1960
McLean, Ruari

Motif 5; Autumn 1960
McLean, Ruari

Motif 6; Spring 1961
McLean, Ruari

Motif 8; Winter 1961
McLean, Ruari

The potential of art education in meeting specific attainment targets in National Curriculum core subjects focussing on key stage 1
Sharples, David Edward

The Yorkshire Sculpture Park as a centre for developing creative teaching and learning in relation to three-dimensional objects and the environment
Bowman, Anna

H R H the Prince of Wales; a portrait commission by Tom Wood
Collins, Judith

NSEAD newsletter

Imagineering; a partnership between industry and education in Keighley, West Yorkshire
Ross, David

Arts, culture and education

Bretton Hall degree show

Depictions of an odyssey
Mackarell, Peter

Six children draw
Paine, Sheila

Leap to life; an experiment in school and youth drama
Wiles, John

Kexborough Juniors meet Pete Morgan and Maggie O'Sullivan

Raps 'n' boxes

Herbert Read; a British vision of world art
Read, Benedict

NSEAD newsletter

NSEAD; annual report, constitution and rules

How to draw perspectives to scale
Fuller, W H

Drawing cats
Newberry, Clare T

Wherrett, J Ramsey

The origins, development and endemic failure of basic design; a study of teh basic design movement in certain British colleges of art and design in the 1950s and 1960s
Satterthwaite, Julian

An investigation of the supervision of teaching practice of college of education students, with special reference to the aims and modes of supervision and assessment of students
Boothroyd, Wendy

An anthropological approach to primary visual education in a multicultural society
Waring, Jacqueline

Theaterarbeit; 6 auffuhrungen des Berliner ensembles
Weigel, Helene

Exhibition Catalogue: Harry Thubron
Shuttleworth, Martin

Texere conference handbook
Greenlees, Kay

Art and design journal; vol 1, no 3

Our street; an arts in education project undertaken in Westminster schools
Shield, Tony

NSEAD; annual report

Report of the UK/Dutch conference: common concerns different solutions

Conference on the education and training of teachers

The nature of classroom learning in primary schools; a manual for observers

Art; for ages 5-14 1991

Art and music at key stage 4

The teaching and learning of drama

Music in the National Curriculum

Music for ages 5-14

Attainment targets and programmes of study in art

Additional advice to the Secretary of State for Education and Science on; art and music non-statutory programme of study

Art and music at key stage 4; proposal of the Secretary of State for Wales for an order under section 3

Music in the National Curriculum

Technology in the National Curriculum

Art in the National Curriculum

Design and technology in the National Curriculum; draft proposals

Information technology in the National Curriculum; draft proposals

National Curriculum Council consultation report; music

Starting out with the National Curriculum

Technology programmes of study and attainment targets; recommendations of the National Curriculum Council

Additional advice to the Secretary of State for Education and Science on; art and music non-statutory programme of study material for key stage 4; alternative optional courses in art and music at key stage 4; non-statutory statements of attainment in art, music and physical education; January 1992

Technology Te 1-4; cards as greetings

Technology Te 5; sorting objects

Technology Te 5; modelling with turtle graphics

National Curriculum Council consultation report; Art

Design and technology tests - teacher pack; 1993 key stage 3

Information technology tests - teacher pack; 1993 key stage 3

Children's writing; a sampler for student teachers
Holbrook, David, 1923-

The eye of innocence; children and their poetry
Druce, Robert

Fiction as a starting point for learning, 8 - 14; a range of written responses

Revealing hidden structures in writing, 9 - 14

A policy for writers, 9 - 12; staging points in personal narrative

Imaginative life and writing, 9 - 11; building imaginary worlds together

Stories from personal experience, 9 - 11; how to give them their full value?

Research monograph 2; on the topic Viktor Lowenfeld
Beittel, Kenneth

The middle years curriculum series; English and integrated arts
Raggett, Michael

Folk music in school
Leach, Robert

Studies in the teaching of film within formal education; four courses described
Whannel, Paddy

Bretton writing project; anthology

Fundraising for museums and the arts
Taylor, Russell Willis

Young children and their paintings; a tribute to Effie Galloway

Past into present; a commemorative history of Leeds College of Art and Design
Lowe, Rebecca

AEMS; arts education for a multicultural society, a development plan

Tawal's Dragon; a day in the Sahrawi refugee camps
Perregaux, Christiane

NSEAD-Anual Report 1995/96

NSEAD Newsletter No.4 & 5

South Asian Dance in the National Curriculum

In defence of genius:the Arts Council of England Lecture 1996
Hall, Ernest, Sir

Creative and mental growth
Lowenfeld, Viktor

Imagination in art education
Brazil, Jon

A short history of Bretton Hall
Bartle, Leonard

Initial Teacher Alphabet; an independent evaluation
Warburton, F.W

Viktor Lowenfeld speaks on Art and Creativity
Brittain, W. Lambert

Rob Ward; Drawings 1977-87. Epiphany drawings and sculpture 1988/89
Henry Moore Centre for the Study of Sculpture

An analysis of the relationship between young people and opera within the context of Art Education
Tambling, Pauline

Research based teaching in the Arts; Towards a European dimension
Bell, Gordon H

Bretton Hall College; Quality Audit Report
Quality Assurance Group

Ben Nicholson; Paintings, reliefs, drawings
Nicholson, Ben

It started with a kiss .A new romantic comedy presented by Hull Truck Theatre Co. Programme.
Godber, John

Catalogue : Centre for Sculpture. Final exhibition 1998/99
Ward, Rob. Head, Centre for Sculpture

Programme : A musical recital
Bretton Hall College

Programme : Carnival Messiah
Connor, Geraldine

Streetwise 37.Issue 37(Vol 10 No.1)
National Association for Urban Studies

Dissemination event : evaluation report
Hughes, Margaret

Water mills and furnaces on the Yorkshire Dearne and its tributaries
Umpleby, Tom

INSEA News. Vol 1

Ways and means : the craft, design and technology education of girls
Catton, John

The arts in the classroom
Cole, Natalie Robinson

Art and craft in the primary school
Dean, Joan

Art for the preprimary school
Lewis, Hilda Present.(Editor)

Book of handwriting exercises
Smith, Fletcher

Bretton writing project

Bretton writing project

Portrait painting .
Topham, M.

Landscape; the British school. .
Turner, Stephen G.

The nude in European painting. .
Buckley, Richard

Bob Clement; talking about his book, The Art Teacher's Handbook
Film or video

Talking about research into Franz Cizek for his MA dissertation
Hancock, John
Film or video

Talking about art education
Barratt, Maurice
Film or video

Expressive arts curriculum
Mace, David
Film or video

The arts in schools project
Robinson, Ken
Film or video

Video to accompany his dissertation on John Morley
Palliser, Neil
Film or video

U-matic version of item BHBCFV00006
Palliser, Neil
Film or video

Arts education for a multicultural society
Brandt, Godfrey
Film or video

Marketing : how to publicise courses, established and new, at one' s school/college in order to attract students.
Film or video

Bow Gamelan; great noises that fill the air
Film or video

Bretton Hall fashion show
Film or video

Bretton Hall
Film or video

The Bretton Hall Approach . Talk to the KNESET Education Committee
Bell, Professor Gordon H
Film or video

Video of a report on the Tel Aviv Symposium
Film or video

Music score; two groups for twelve instruments.
Self, George

Publicity notice of A continuing process symposium at Bretton Hall college, October 24 1981. at which Tom Hudson and David Thistlewood were amongst the speakers

Photocopied press notice from the department of Education and Science on examinations at 16; draft National criteria for art and design.

Photocopied paper on Curriculum research and development projects; barriers to success
MacDonald, B and Rudduck.J

Copy of the centre for research in the educational sciences - Edinburgh University Occasion Paper 9 Evaluation as Illumination.
Parlett, Malcolm and Hamilton, David

Copy of occasional paper: Evaluation as illumination; a new approach to the study of innovatory programs
Parlett, Malcolm and Hamilton, David

Photocopied Fellowship study 1984/5. Parts 1 and 2
Blakemore, Ben.

Photocopled draft report of the Exploratory group of the assessment of performance unit at the department of Education and Science on aesthetic development.

Copy of a desk study by the assessment of performance unit aesthetics panel exploratory group at the department of Education and Science on A review of assessment techniques in the field of aesthetics.
Moloney, Karen

Photocopied report of the Peterborough educational development centre on Modular A levels performing arts for the University of Cambridge local examination syndicateModular A levels Performing Arts: GCE advanced level performing arts
Peterborough educational development centre

A photocopied submission to the Midlands examining group on Creative arts

Photocopied report from SAFARI of some interim papers on Innovation, evaluation and the problem of control;

Copy of the certificate of incorporation and memorandum and articles of association of the Dartington Arts Society Limited.

Report from the school of education. University of Leeds on the Junior art department
Meyer, W R

Notification for a one day conference on Arts education for a multicultural society at Bretton Hall on 17th September 1988
Bretton Hall college of higher education

Copy of the NSEAD response to the report of the National Curriculum working group for design and technology

Paper on the functions of art; four art-teaching schemes for children aged 5-7 and 7-11

InterbPapers, letters, plans etc. dealing with the development of Bretto n College.

Internal Memo: A.C.A.D.T.E: AGM and conference and the National conference on art and design in the national curriculum'. Cardiff institute of higher education. 1st February 1991
Mace, David

Copy of the agreement between Bretton Hall and the University of Leeds

Photocopy of notification from the polytechnics and colleges funding council (PCFC) enclosing the Prime Minister's and the Secretary of State's speeches at the PCFC Annual Conference 28th November 1991

Invitation and programme of events for the Bretton Hall honorary fellowship conferred on Tom Phillips R A at university college Bretton Hall 23rd June 1994

Prospectus for Cyprus college of art: 3 Year course in fine art and post graduate course in fine art

Press cutting from the Camrose Canadian, a Canadian newspaper on the Long awaited teacher: relating to a 'teacher swap'..
Knipe, Dave

Internal memo enclosing articleToo many languages? Has contemporary music been responsible for it's own marginalisation? Written for the inaugural lecture 21st November 1995 at university college Bretton Hall.
Landy, Professor Leigh

Internal memo re: Extract from views of the seats of noblemen and gentlemen from drawings by J P Neale Voll 111 1820
Bartle, Leonard

Brochure advertising 3rd summer universityl at Bretton Hall college
Bretton Hall college

Programme for Open day and details of the fashion show - Bretton Hall college - 15/06/97
Bretton Hall college of higher education

Leaflet giving general information about the Ruskin Library at Lancaster University with pamphlets

Postcard advertising the International Conference. The Greenhouse Effect : the art and science of nurturing dancemakers 17th -20th September 1998 at University college Bretton Hall.

Photocopies of correspondence to/from Professor Franz Cizek. German text
Berger, Margarete Hammerschlag and Cizek, Prof Franz

Correspondence relating to a Mongolian student spending a term at Bretton Hall college to feed back into courses in Mongolia.
Lambert, David

Letter expressing interest in participating in any future International Children's Art competitions/exhibitions
Siaulytiene, Dalia.

Calendar and booklet about Routes for respect. An Israeli calendar - 1999
Ministry of Education and Ministry of Transport, State of Israel

Internal memo re: If thou of fortune be bereft..... Correspondence relating to the origin of this quotation used by Sir Alec Clegg in one of his talks
Butterworth, Dr Philip

Students guide to the Summer Abroad programme of the New York University educational theatre with Bretton school of drama dance and theatre.:

Poster for the 1984 Jessie Smith : Dance Workshop at Bretton Hall 12th May 1984

Recollections .Notes written on the occasion of the retirement of Marione and Alan Brown from Bretton Hall
Brown, Alan. Brown, Marione

Press cutting from the Independent Newspaper : The Royal Ballet School Annual Gala
Levene, Louise.

Correspondence enclosing Paper :Robert Lee: A personal view - with corrections of the moment
Lee, Robert

Correspondence between Bretton Hall and Lida and David Kindersley relating to the lettering designed by David Kindersley to be put on the new library extension.
Bretton Hall college of the University of Leeds

My friends in St.Ives . Talk given to N.A.C.F.
Duncan, Ronnie

Slides to accompany item BHBCBK00035
Photograph or slide

Photographs to accompany Juliet Blackburn's dissertation
Photograph or slide

Photographs to accompany Frank Gordon's dissertation
Photograph or slide

Two photographs accompanying the centenary publication Useful and Celebrated .
Photograph or slide

Folder containing 13 large photographs of the National Festival of Youth Dance, held at Bretton Hall, Wakefield
Daggers, Dave
Photograph or slide

Photographs of designs using Bretton Hall as background
Skopos, Dewsbury
Photograph or slide

Background materials for school/secondary school teachers

McDougall's Index series of drawing cards; drawing to scale, standard IV.

Arts of the western world
Bertram, Antony

History of western art; master painters.
Bertram, Antony

History of western art; master buildings.
Bertram, Antony

History of western art; master sculptors.
Bertram, Antony

History of western art; no 1, prehistoric art
Hawkes, Jacquetta

History of western art; no 2, Mesopotamian art
Lloyd, Seaton

History of western art; no 3, Egyptian art
Furneaux Jordan, R

History of Western Art No. 4. Art in the Greek World.
Ayrton, Michael and Elizabeth.

History of Western Art. No. 5. Roman Art.
Furneaux Jordan, R.

History of Western Art; no 5A, Greek and Roman painting.
Dalladay, Roger.

History of Western Art; no 6, Early Christian and Byzantine Art.
Cox, Bernard

History of Western Art. No. 7. Medieval painting.
Bertram, Antony.

History of Western Art. No. 8. Renaissance and Mannerist painting in Italy.
Bertram, Antony.

History of Western Art. No. 9. Age of the Renaissance outside Italy.
Bertram, Antony.

History of Western Art. No. 10. Painting in the Baroque age.
Bertram, Antony.

History of Western Art. No. 11. Painting in the 18th Century.
Bertram, Antony.

History of Western Art. No. 12. Painting from the French Revolution the c. 190
0.Bertram, Antony.

History of Western Art. No. 23. Modern sculpture.
James, Philip

Appreciation of architecture.
Bertram, Antony

Henry Moore.
James, Philip.

James, Philip.

The Artist looks at Life .
Dawson, Patricia.

20th C. Environment; its origins and growth. Britain - a study of environment
Bailey, John.

A History of English Painting.
Myers, B.L.

Modern Art in the 50's and 60's.
Laws, Frederick.

Along these lines.
Bradley, James.

Looking at things.
Temple, Nigel.

Ideas and Designs.
Orna, Bernard.

What William Morris means to me.
Tanner, Robin.
Sound recording

Bretton Hall estate; radio programmes, parts 1-4
Sound recording

radio Leeds Interview :Blue murder; the killing of Derek Bentley, with David Bromley and Gifford Rolfe
Sound recording

Points of contact : Victor Pasmore in conversation with Edwin Mullins
Lecon Arts
Sound recording

The role and function of a Chief Education Officer
Clegg, Sir Alec
Sound recording

The changing schools
Clegg, Sir Alec
Sound recording