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Maxwell disk

Instatograph half-plate field camera and 2 double dark-slides.
Sands, Hunter and Co Ltd

Morris, T.J.

Box of Watercolours.

Box of watercolours.

Colour box.

Geometrical instruments box.
Stanley, London.

Geometrical instruments box.

Box of shells for colourmaking.

Tin box of transparent oil colours.
Barnard, J.and Son, London.

Parallel rulers.

14th century androgeneous woodcarving.

Witch ball .

4 wooden musical pipes.

Specimens of ancient pigments and media .

Specimens of traditional colours .

Folk ironwork box of 17th-18th century.

Small cardboard box for Winsor & Newtons' artists' moist water colours

Prism and stand.

Polaroid camera.

Kinetic-art robot.

Rocket instrument panel.
Essex, Peter

Britex Microscope No. 1269

Atari Video Computer System

Chinese porcelain figure

Art-based games.
Pavey, Don.

Game processes and models for design-based games.
Pavey, Don.

News Review. Spring term 1983.

Art education.

Annual report 1971/2.

A survey of British art in all its branches during 1949-50.

Pavey, D.

Ark. Nos.1-51 .Includes index to Nos.1-48.

Athene. Vol.1 No.1-69 .

Hoyle's games improved.
Beaufort, James.

Petit lawater.

Bennett, Charles H.

Shadows; second series.

Ludus patronymicus; or The etymology of curious surnames.
Charnock, Richard Stephen.

Whistler, Laurence

Mathematical drawings and measuring instruments. 7th edition.
Stanley, William Ford.

Art of transparent painting on glass for the magic lantern.
Groom, Edward.

Indoor games for parties and socials.
Ridley, Mrs.Walter.

Artists' colourmen's story.
Pavey, Don.

Chinese children at play.
Shufang, Yui.

Englis struwelpeter; or Pretty stories and funny pictures'.
Hoffmann, Heinrich.

Theory of games and economic behaviour. 3rd edition.
Neumann, John von

Hoyle's games, improved and enlarged.
Hoyle, G.

Modern pastime; or Indoor amusements.

Philosophy in sport made science in earnest.
Routledge, Robert.

Boy's Own toymaker. 10th edition.
Landells, E.

Sharps and flats. 2nd edition.
Maskelyne, John Nevil.

Chess-player's handbook. New edition.
Staunton, Howard.

Boy's handy book of sports, pastimes, games and amusements.

Science in sport made philosophy in earnest. 3rd edition.
Routledge, Robert.

Twentieth century Standard Puzzle Book'.
Pearson, A.Cyril.(ed.)

Games and amusements.

Indoor games and recreations; A popular encyclopedia for boys. New edition.

Play in childhood.
Lowenfeld, Margaret.

Handicraft in the school. Vol.3. School drawing and colour work.
Vinall, J.W. Topham.

Drawing book.
Woodward, Mary.

Children's book of games, puzzles and pastimes.
Vinall, J.W. Topham.

More games, puzzles and pastimes.
Vinall, J.W. Topham.

Laban, Rudolf von, 1879-1958

Dyes and dyeing..
Gilmour, Pat.

Sports and pastimes of the people of England. New edition by William Hone.
Strutt, Joseph.

Popular scientific recreations in natural philosophy, astronomy, geology, etc.
Strutt, Joseph.

Catalogue of 'The Meggendorfer archive'.

Toy box annual. Toys, puzzles, and easy-to-make working models.

Punch and Judy..

Advanced whist.

Map that came to life.
Deverson, H.J. Illustrated by Ronald Lampitt.

Greyfriars school. A prospectus.
Butcher, J.S. (pseud?).

Art and nature chronicle. Vol.1 No.1.

Games of children; their origin and history.
Bett, Henry.

Suggestions in regard to games.

3rd and 4th Magic Eye exhibition catalogues.

Jeux et passe-temps. Avec 24 planches en couleurs d'apres Kate Greenaway.

Come lasses and lads..
Caldecott, R.

Cassell's book of in-door amusements, card games and fireside fun.

Cassell's book of sports and pastimes. New rev.ed.

Children's games and children's parties.
Crozier, Gladys Beattie.

Book of sports in doors. .

Boy's Own conjuring book.

Round games for all parties.3rd.ed.

Parlour pastime for the young.
Uncle George

Diary of the cherub.

Whistler, Laurence

Play.Young people and the creative arts. Vol.1. No's 2-5.

Developing process.

Boy's Own Paper annual No.1238.

Present pastimes of merrie England.
Burnand, F C

Bedel, Jean.

Application of gaming techniques to art education.
Challinor, Michael.

Great cat game book.
Bruce, Erika.

Trick or treat?
Meggendorfer, Lothar.

Prospectuses for 1941/42, 1961/62 and 1980.

Official edition of the laws of ping-pong and the rules of the ping-pong association

50 amusing toys and how to make them
Burnett, C

Indoor games; a host of things to do on a rainy day- games, puzzles and quizzes to keep you amazed for hours. Fun things to build and make

The calculator game book for kids of all ages
Hartman, Arlene

Pub games
Taylor, Arthur R

Fun and games for every day of the year
Brandreth, Gyles

Neville, Richard

Hospital fun and games
Brandreth, Gyles

Travel games
Pipard, Maurice

The handbook of games and pastimes
Wheeler, Kenneth

300 new games and amusements
Denis, Anne-Marie

How to be topp
Williams, Geoffrey

Fun and games indoors
Cox, Jack

Fun on wheels
Danby, Mary

Discovering toys and toy museums
Flick, Pauline

Knight book of party games
Brandreth, Gyles

More puzzles to puzzle you
Always, Jonathan

Adventure playgrounds; a personal account of a play-leader's work
lambert, Jack

Games for socials
Hedges, Sid G

Youth club games and contests
Hedges, Sid G

Indooor and community games
Hedges, Sid G

The Armarda quiz and puzzle book no. 3
Dickens, Doris

First Knight book of puzzles
Travis, Falcon

Ask the family; questions and answers from the BBC TV quiz game

An ABC of games; compiled for the Girl Guides Association
Maynard, A M

Games for all seasons; 1
Bompiani, E

Games for all seasons; 2
Bompiani, E

Games for all seasons; 3
Bompiani, E

Forty games for frivolous people
Wilson, Peter

Brandreth's book of waiting games; games and puzzles to help you hang on
Brandreth, Gyles

Popular party games
Abel, Alison

Play in hospital
Harvey, Susan

The Beaver book of games for indoors and outdoors
Kay, George

Party games for children of all ages
Vivian, Mary

The fifty best party games, amusement for all; an easy guide to indoor and outdoor party fun
Ross, Arthur Annesley

The Whitbread book of 500 party games
Cave, Peter L

Come out to play! Amusing games for children of all ages
Kamps, J M

The Phoenix dictionary of games; how to play 501 games
Pick, J B

The musical instrument recipe book

Ellisdons; The only business is fun! Jokes and tricks mail order catalogue

Crackerjack book of games

Reader's digest puzzles; A monthly magazine to test your wits and stretch your mind

The third Penguin problems book
Williams, W T

Everybody's puzzles and problems

Down with skool!
Williams, Geoffrey

The starfish quiz
Harding, Phyllis

More mathematical puzzles and diversions
Gardner, Martin

Sixty indoor games for scouts
Collyns, J B

SAGSET Journal; Society for Academic Gaming and Simulation in Education and Training

Meilach, Dona Z

Strange things to do and make

Science from toys; A unit for teachers

Games in the primary school
Lenel, R M

Masterplay of the draught board. Parts 1 - 6
Tescheleit, M Francis

How to form a playgroup

The toy, its value, construction and use
Hils, Karl

The best games people play
Sharp, Richard

Toys and reasons; stages in the ritualization of experience
Erikson, Erik H., 1902-

Party games you will play again
Rees, C W

The question of play
McLellan, Joyce

Children's games in the street and playground
Opie, Iona

Airfix magazine guide 4; Napoleonic wargaming
Quarrie, Bruce

The therapeutic play group
Schiffer, Mortimer

Winners and losers; the art of self-image modification
Newburger, Howard M

Playland; a study of boy prostitution
Lloyd, Robin

Survival scrapbook 3 1/2: play ways and means
Vincent, Pauline

Contemporary games; A directory and bibliography covering games and play situations or simulations used for instruction and instruction and training by schools, colleges and universities, government, business and management
Belch, Jean

The Macmillan dictionary of sports and games
Cuddon, J A

The fifty best party games; amusement for all
Ross, Arthur Annesley

Amusements in mathematics
Dudeney, Henry Ernest

Party games for all occasions
Stevens, Kate

The complete home entertainer; games and amusements for the whole family
Hedges, S G

The art game
Wraight, Robert

Modern party games
Stevens, Kate

Heptameron; A miscellany of entertainment
Phillips, Hubert

Just for fun; A bookful of bright ideas for those arranging or attending a party
Ballantyne, Joan

James Hunter's book of indoor entertainments
Hunter, James

Party games and amusements for young and old

The universal book of hobbies and handicrafts
Hedges, Sid G

Caliban's problem book
Phillips, Hubert

Les jeux de la societe
Calvet, Louis-Jean

Chemistry background books

Classic Paintbook No. 3

The Charm of Children; Some thoughts in prose and verse on child life. Illustrated with 12 photographs of charming children

Er, Sie, Es . Cartoon book of an Egyptian Story in German

Confessions; An album to record thoughts, feelings etc.

Video cassette.
Film or video

Paintings (approx 8ft X 12ft)
Painting or drawing

Childrens paintings.
Painting or drawing

Students art work.
Painting or drawing

Folder of art based games.
Painting or drawing

Folder of paintings.
Painting or drawing

Framed painting. Head sprouting TV aerials on orange ground. .
Painting or drawing

Sketch Book .
Painting or drawing

Painted screens Christ in the Temple .Triptych .
Painting or drawing

5 photocopies of premium drawings.
Painting or drawing

Colour experiments in Basic Design.
Painting or drawing

Book of sketches and drawings in topic book by Martin Kowala
Painting or drawing

Portrait cartoons of headmaster and founders of St. Lawrence College. Most include biographical information
Pavey, Don
Painting or drawing

Binder entitled The art-based games movement 1975-1979Papers and letters..

16 binders and folders relating to art arena.

Invitations to various private viewings, etc. in London galleries .

Kingston school of art, Kingston college of art & Kingston Polytechnic Liberal studies prospectuses

Application of A.F.Mills and D Adair Pavey for letters patent (provisional specification) for improved palette for paint making

2 educational certificates - L.C.C. examination in scripture knowledge and Royal Drawing Society preparatory drawing examination.edge

Paper on Games with colour
Morley, John

Paper on Metamorphis cards, games and puzzles.

Handwritten paper on Origins of pigments

Paper on Don Pavey's seminars at the Royal College of Art on games and simulations 1977.

Photocopy of schoolboy's letter to his father asking him to send a box of paints of Reeves' colours

Paper on Documentation to an exhibition of games &c at Kingston Polytechnic 1979.

Four letters of correspondence between Don Pavey & Alexander Barclay-Russell concerning the history of Athene .

Binder of press cuttings, articles and correspondence relating to Junior Arts and Science Centres.

Roughs & mock-up's for The artist colourman's story .

Untitled brief biography of Alexander Barclay-Russell.
Jameson, Kenneth.

Series of notes on the art-based games and toys in the collection of Don Pavey.
Pavey, Don.

Photocopy and transcript of will of William Reeves.

Paper- Players of art arena games outside London. A collection of letters taken from art arena games files.

Papers, letters, periodicals etc. loosely linked to School without walls .

Photographs of children making sculptures.
Photograph or slide

12 35mm slides colour.
Photograph or slide

21 35mm half-frame slides, colour.
Photograph or slide

13 35mm slides, colour.
Photograph or slide

Photographs - black and white .
Photograph or slide

Black and white photographs .
Photograph or slide

8 photographic exhibition posters,,illustrating art arena games.
Photograph or slide

Black & white mounted photographs for exhibition purposes.
Photograph or slide

33 35mm slides, colour.
Photograph or slide

21 35mm slides, colour.
Photograph or slide

65 35mm slides, colour. Ceramics and sculpture.
Photograph or slide

Photographs of headmasters from St. Lawrence College portrait research
Photograph or slide

Masquerade blocks
H.J.R. (h.Jewit ....., 141, Leighton Rd.,london, N.W.) Inventor,crandall.

The Changing companions.

Animal slips.

New game of metamorphosis & parquetry - Metamorphosen und Parquetspiel .


Dominoes natural history.

Unknown.. This item is related to BH/DP/PZ/00066.

Box of bricks.

Little metamorphoses. - Petites metamorphoses. - Kleine metamorphosen.

Dives and Lazarus. . This item relates to B H/DP/PZ/00066.
Hawes, Richard.

Faulkner's 'National' or 'International'?

Metamorphoses-women and men.
Unknown - french.

Myriorama - A collection of many things in landscapes.
Designed by Mr. Clark: Published by Samuel Leigh, 18, Strand,london.

Arms of English peers - facsimile cards.
H.Margary/the Guildhall Library, London.

Transformation cards. .
Harry Margary/Guildhall Library, London.

The Game of Authors

New astronomical cards.

The Royal Pavilion at Brighton.
Unknown - Belgian.


Tarot cards.
A.G. Muller.

Skat card pack.

The Kings of England...to Queen Victoria. c.1838.
Made by Nicholas Carpenter (1830-40): Printed by Sedding and Turtle, Strand, Ld

The seven puzzles. This item relates to BH/DP/PZ/00066.
Darton., william

The zig-zag puzzle.

The Four ace puzzle.

Noises in the dark, or Touching snap .
Wm Sessions Ltd., the Ebor press, York. (a Eupax game).


Mollett, John W.

Picture bricks.

Our darling's surprise pictures

Theatrical portraits. .


Royal game of Ur.
Merit, J.& Randall, L.

Colour factor set.


Family printing outfit.

Dolly's wardrobe.

Epinal prints.

John Bull' printing outfit.No.4.

Romanische bankunst.

Fabrik - Marke.

Anchor puzzle.
Unknown - german.


Ayres, F.H.

Building blocks.

Remus Play-kits; Crazy Cards

The ghosts of my friends.

Superior dissected maps, England and Wales.


The infants cabinet of various objects.
Marshall, John.

Stern arithmetic cubes and sticks.

Mediaeval chessmen.

Treasure hunt; A fascinating novelty; A maze in volume form.
alan George

Kate Greenaway's painting book.
Greenaway, Kate.

Painting book - flags of the British army.

Harmonograph .
First year student, Kingston Polytechnic

Randolph Caldecott's painting book. Second series

Cardboard figure dressing game.

Party Game; Double Word Puzzle. The Dainty Series.

Teetotum or Gyro

Tantric dissected image from Nepal.18th.-19th century painted manuscript.

Metamorphosis cards,etc. 6 miscellaneous examples

Postcard with changeable head

Scrap picture

Optikit; boxed game

Folder of more fragile material relating to a variety of games. So me items appear to relate to BH/DP/PZ/00007, BH/DP/PZ/00010 and BH /DP/PZ/00026.

Building slabs
Crandall, Charles

Puzzle of interlocking wooden pieces

6 plastic puzzles in transparent boxes

Concave mirror with orange pendant ball

Peg'ity Popular Edition. A peg matrix game

Superior dissected maps England and Wales . Jigsaw.
Peacock, W

Picture Puzzles; Familiar Phrases Game No. 66

Cook, Nathaniel.

Three resin pieces of larger sculpture.

Panther; polyester resin figure

Polyester resin figure of seated female.

Painted scollop shell.
Photograph or slide

Polyester resin figure Man with thought gun

Polyester resin figure Brother Stephen

Polyester resin skull

Zinc alloy figures Wrestlers .

Glazed pottery bust of a man.

Plaster cast head.

Polyester resin mask in two halves

Terracotta figure Female torso

Four ceramic pieces Red , Yellow , Green , Blue .

Brass cold cast Acrobat

Plaster horse's head

Cold cast in aluminium,mask

Aluminium and polyester figure.

Polyester resin figure of pterodactyl. .

Polyester resin figure Torso .

Science packs .

Plastic model of horse.

Model of brain.


Tube containing miscellaneous items; colouring powders, mirror, etc.

Tube containing mineral samples.