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Microscope in plastic box

Commonplace book.

Findings one.
Morley, John.

Findings two.
Morley, John.

Art and child personality .
Dunnett, Ruth.

Scissors stories; or Picture cutting for little people .
Tolson, J.E.

Draw they must; A history of the teaching and examining of art.
Carline, Richard.

Games with pencil and paper.
Solomon, Eric.

Mayer, Peter.

Modern art education in the primary school
Dimmack, Max

Grass roots of art
Read, Herbert

Summerhill; a radical approach to education.
Neill, A S

Imagination and play in childhood
Griffiths, Ruth

Montessori examined
Kilpatrick, W H

Creative and mental growth
Lowenfeld, Viktor

Papers presented at INSEA conference, Sevres, July,1975.

Posture of school children
Bancroft, Jessica H

Art of English costume
Cunnington, C Willett

Children as artists
Tomlinson, R. R., b. 1885

Responsible or irresponsible?; criminal or mentally diseased?
Smith, Henry

Artist, critic and teacher
Anderson, Lindsay

Scrap craft; 105 projects
Dank, Michael Carlton

From cave painting to comic strip; a kaleidoscope of human communication
Hogben, Lancelot

Principles of dance and movement notation; With 114 basic movement graphs and their explanation
Laban, Rudolf von, 1879-1958

Teigning som hobby
Ditlefsen, Gunner

Kiev seen by children

Art for the child under seven
Derham, Frances

Modern educational dance
Laban, Rudolf von, 1879-1958

Child art to man art
Johnstone, William

Ceramics; an illustrated guide to creating and enjoying pottery.
Roy, Vincent A.

Practical pottery and ceramics.
Clark, Kenneth.

Higher education .

Secondary school art.
Portchmouth, John.

Basic patterns in biology.
McLeod, John

Paintings of the ballet.
Lee-Elliott, Theyre.

Experiment in education.
Marshall, Sybil.

Painting and personality; a study of young children. Vol.1.
Alschuler, Rose H.

Children's drawings; a comparison of two cultures.
Brittain, W. Lambert.

Where .

Posh, pop and pedagogue.

Reproductions of Japanese children's pictures.

London comprehensive schools, 1966.

Art; seven, eight, nine, ten. Curriculum bulletin number 5. 1954-55 series.
New York City, Board of Education.

Runaway sun.
Boomer, Garth

Simple printmaking.
Kent, Cyril

Children's books; A statement and lists from the Children's Rights workshop.

Secondary school design; workshop crafts,.
Education and Science, Dept. of

Secondary school design; designing for art and crafts,.
Education and Science, Dept. of.

Home training of pre-school children with development delay .
Revil, Susan

T.M.R. transition - multi-education remotivation programmes.

Journal of art and design education. Vol.2 No.1 - Vo.4 No.3 .

List, with prices, of Australian aboriginal women's craft work in wood.

Observer colour supplement, 2 June 1985.

'Creative papier mache'.
Lorrimar, Betty.

Art with children.
Plaskow, Daphne.

Creative crafts for today.
Portchmouth, John.

Your puppetry.
Wright, John.

Starting fabric collage.
Kay, Frances.

Making mobiles.
Moorey, Anne & Christopher.

Sight and sound.
Fitzsimmons, Brian

Graded lessons in macrame, knotting and netting.
Walker, Louise.

Mary Thomas' embroidery book.
Thomas, Mary.

Mary Thomas' dictionary of embroidery stitches.
Thomas, Mary.

All kinds of papercrafts.
Portchmouth, John.

An Experiment in education.
Marshall, Sybil.

Education of exceptional children and youth.
Cruickshank, William H. & Johnson, G.Orville.

An introduction to textile printing. 2nd ed.

Learning and individual differences.
Gagne, Robert M.

The dynamics of interpersonal behaviour.
Zaleznik, Abraham. & Moment, David.

The group approach to drama. Pupil's book 2.
Adland, D.E.

Childrens art.
Goldin, Rafael & Alla.

Art and education.
Steveni, Michael

Hoffmann, Heinrich.

Diagnosis and remedial teaching in arithmetic.
Schonell, F.J. & F.E.

Looking and seeing 1; Patterns and shape.
Rowland, Kurt.

Looking and seeing 2; The development of shape.
Rowland, Kurt.

Children's work in block printing.
Tanner, Robin.

Teaching of art in schools.
Gibbs, Evelyn.

Art as language.
File, Sister M.Jeanne.(ed.)

Art in schools.
Education and Science, Dept. of.

The beginner's book of pottery; Part 2.
Powell, Harold.

Theorie der bildenden kunst.
Britsch, Gustaf.

Art in secondary education 11-16.
Education and Science, Dept. of.

Poesie .
Hill, Kate.

Education & social work.
Pedley, F.H.(ed.)

Pottery quarterly; a review of ceramic art.

Jugend und bild 1954.Calender of child art work with accompanying text.

Handicraft in the school.Vol.1.

Handicraft in the school.vol.2.

Handicraft in the school.vol.3

Handicraft in the school.Vol.4.

Dynamics of a multi-cultural society.
Morley, John

Printmaking today; an introduction to the graphic arts.
Heller, Jules.

London education service. 11th Ed.

London school plan.

Unidentified oriental book on teaching art.

Ten miscellaneous small publications.

Works of Francis Thompson. Poems. Vol. 2.
Thompson, Francis.

Artist, critic & teacher.
Whannel, Paddy

Art science and education.

Listening and writing; a series of broadcasts provided by the BBc for the School Broadcasting Ccouncil for the United Kingdom. Edited by John Kerry

Imagination need not die; an exhibition of work by young people 1929-35. Exhibition catalogue

The amateur mechanic; a practical guide for the handyman. Vols 2 ,3 and 4
Jones, Bernard E

Practical automobile engineering; illustrated
Abbey, Stanton

Revolution in child art 1930-1960; exhibition catalogue

Design; a monthly journal for manufacturers and designers

Business and technician education council; Higher National Diploma Courses in design and associated studies. Registration scheme for application

Western Teachers College; a division of Torrens College of Advanced Education

Torrens College of Advanced Education; handbook

The Kaurna people of the Adelaide plains
Edwards, Robert

Day services for mentally handicapped adults

The London scheme of further education; adopted by the London County council under the Education Act, 1944

International young art

Cadbury's National exhibition of children's art

GLOSCAT; Gloucestershire college of arts and technology. Prospectus for full time courses

The Bramley catalogue; the Lawrence Batley Centre for the National Arts Education Archive, Bretton Hall

Examples of writing by children aged 6-14 years.

Two written & illustrated nature books.

Written & illustrated English class exercise book.

Album of writing and illustration by pupils aged 11-15 at Pond House school.

Album of writing and illustration.

Children's written work from Parliament Hill School for girls, London and Shelburne Road Infants school

Miranda. 16mm. black and white silent film.
Film or video

JASC sci-fi film
Film or video

Not just for fun
Morley, John.
Film or video

Tomorrows today
Morley, John.
Film or video

Interview with Mr and Mrs A E Halliwell
Morley, John.
Film or video

Through two windows
Morley, John
Film or video

The changing mind
Haywood, Marjorie
Film or video

Today's tomorrow/Not just for fun/Art teacher/Through two windows.
Morley, John
Film or video

Unidentified 16mm black and white film
Morley, John
Film or video

The changing mind 16mm colour film with sound
Morley, John
Film or video

Art therapy. 16mm film
Morley, John
Film or video

Two windows. 16mm colour film with sound
Morley, John
Film or video

Home movie. 16mm film
Morley, John
Film or video

Beyond the frame. 16mm colour film
Morley, John
Film or video

Sketch book .C
Painting or drawing

Sketch book .
Hill family.
Painting or drawing

Paintings and drawings by children. .
Painting or drawing

Paintings and drawings by children..
Painting or drawing

Paintings and drawings by children..
Painting or drawing

Paintings and drawings by children..
Painting or drawing

Paintings and drawings by children..
Painting or drawing

Paintings, drawings and prints by children..
Painting or drawing

Paintings and drawings by children..
Painting or drawing

Paintings and drawings by children..
Painting or drawing

Paintings and drawings by children..
Painting or drawing

Interpretation of visual hallucinations .
Leuner, H.
Painting or drawing

Paintings and drawings by children.
Painting or drawing

Hoad, Mary
Painting or drawing

Every person an artist. .
Morley, John

Letters to Alexander Barclay-Russell and papers re; the Carnegie United Kingdom Trust backing for Art Education institution
Mitchell, J M

Personal letter to Alexander Barclay-Russell

Letters requesting children's art work for an exhibition at the NUT conference
Barclay-Russell, Alexander

Letters to Don Pavey re; supply of 2 photographs for use in publication

Receipt for photographic services

Minutes of council meeting held at National Portrait gallery 13 October

Letters re; article for Athene journal
Pavey, Don

Papers re; editorial board, suggested themes, guidance to contributors etc to Athene
Pavey, Don

Papers, letters, reports etc re; Athene journal of the society for education through art

Publicity material for photographic services

Papers re; provision of reproductions, original pictures, sculpture etc to schools in the London County Council area
Barclay-Russell, Alexander

Art in London schools exhibition; notes for stewards
Wheatley, M

Resume, papers, letters etc re; Seonaid Robertson

Papers, letters etc re; SEA

Art room exhibition; catalogue from St. Marylebone Hospital for psychiatry and child guidance

2 letters re; submission of children's art work for exhibition

Papers, letters etc re; interpretation of dreams and the process analysis. Also transcripts of I Ching readings
Hayward, Marjorie

Gates without walls; press release of 16mm colour film
Morley, John

Design in general education; discussion papers

Papers, letters etc re; SEA London region

Press cuttings re; James Report on the education and training of teachers

Miscellaneous press-cuttings

The role of imagery in fostering cultural identity and creative thinking; three examples from Kenya
Court, Elsbeth J

Obituary; Margaret Trowell 1904-1985

The influence of culture on Kenyan children's drawing performance; part of application for research award
Court, Elsbeth J

Margaret Trowell and the development of art education in East Africa
Court, Elsbeth J

National Arts Education Archive; papers, letters etc

Revolution in child art 1930-1960; The Barclay-Russell Memorial Exhibition. Papers, letters etc re; the organisation of the exhibition.

Papers and letters re; John Morley's work in Australia

Report to the Leverhulme Trustees; The function of art teaching in general education

Miles House

NSEAD newsletter

NSEAD constitution and rules

A proposal for the merger of the society for education through art and the national society for art education

Art and design educaion archives; a report of a meeting of the 'ad hoc' steering committee

Some guidelines and comments on the MSC Youth Training Scheme

Drumcoon critical studies art education archive
Taylor, Rod

Revolution in child art exhibition; letters re NSEA involvement
Steers, John

Athene; publication data

INSEA; annex II

The family tree of Alexander Barclay-Russell
Morley, John

Alexander Barclay-Russell; a portrait sketch
Gillett, Wendy

Alexander Barclay-Russell and variance
Morley, John

The case for the revaluation of the visual arts in education and the foundation of an Art Research Institute
Morley, John

The formation of an art educational research institution proposed by Alexander Barclay-Russell
Morley, John

Sandy Barclay-Russell
Jameson, Kenneth

A paper : Consideration of claims of an approach to art education which should be through the learning of the grammar of abstract design as a basic and comprehensive course in education at art schools and in secondary education
Barclay-Russell, Alexander

Languages of painting; an illustrated commentary on Barclay- Russell's concept of the language of expression
Pavey, Don

Man of vision and his quest; Alexander Barclay-Russell
Morley, John

Every person an artist; Alexander Barclay-Russell's life work, his case for the revaluation of the visual arts in education and his plans for art research
Morley, John

Every person an artist, by John Morley and Don Pavey; criticisms
Tate, Dennis

Dr David Thistlewood's article on Alexander Barclay-Russell's work on education in art
Morley, John

Personal letters to Alexander Barclay-Russell
Gillett, Wendy

Personal letters to John Morley
Russell, Kathleen

Papers and letters photocopied from the Alexander Barclay-Russell collection, National Arts Education Archive, Bretton Hall

Letters to John Morley re; organisation and arrangements for the Revolution in child art exhibition, the Barclay-Russell Memorial Collection

Plan; monthly journal of the Progressive League

Letter to John Morley replying to a request for material from the National Exhibition of Children's Art sponsored by Cadbury Limited
Lines, Arthur

Letters to John Morley
Hudson, Tom

Testimonials and references for John Morley

Three young artists: an exhibition of work from a multi/severely/ mentally handicapped adolescent unit, House of Commons, 22-26 March 1982

Letters to John Morley
Holdsworth, Bruce

Papers, letters etc re; John Morley's research into development of intelligence test

The art-based games and toys collection of Don Pavey

Outline syllabus, The Open College of Arts, introductory course in Art and Design

The project for founding the world children's art museum in Okazaki, Japan

What price hyacinths?; an appreciation of the work of Sir Alec Clegg
Newsam, Peter

Minutes of the inaugral meeting of the studio workshop educational trust

Art in primary and secondary education; Hadow to Plowden

Exhibition subsidy guidelines

Schools on the South Bank Festival '83

Revolution in child art 1930-1960

ILEA calendar

Another 30 poems
Zabel, Veronica

Send my roots rain
Hieger, Lois

Studio workshop educational trust; Declaration of trust

Tomorrow's today; Royalty statement for film hire

Letter to John Morley re; Veronica Zabel exhibition
Mason, Pat

Educating adults with profound mental illness; paper detailing course at Workers' Educational Association
Hope, Val

Art, craft and design education archives; letter and draft of aims and objectives
Swift, John

A E Halliwell; art and design educationalist
Thistlewood, David

Art in school and art schools
Clegg, A.B.

The garden school bulletin

Miscellaneous papers and letters

48 quarter-plate glass negatives, black and white.
Photograph or slide

36 lantern slides 3.25 square, colour.
Photograph or slide

56 slides 35mm., colour.
Photograph or slide

35 slides 35mm., colour.
Photograph or slide

5 slides 35mm., colour.
Photograph or slide

213 approx. 35mm.slides, colour and black and white.
Photograph or slide

88 35mm.slides, colour.
Photograph or slide

15 35mm.slides, colour.
Photograph or slide

95 35mm.slides, colour.
Photograph or slide

1,052 35mm.slides, colour.
Photograph or slide

Photographs .
Photograph or slide

36 photographs of exhibition Revolution in child art 1930-1960 .
Photograph or slide

2 photographs .
Photograph or slide

Photographs taken in Australia, some dated 1973 or 1976. A small proportion illustrate art teaching with aboriginal children. The remainder are of aboriginal adults and children often engaged in outdoor activities, general views, etc
Photograph or slide

Miscellaneous collection of photographs
Photograph or slide

In their own time and place; 34 colour slides and notes of works by young people 1932-35, taught by Robin Tanner
Photograph or slide

Rolling ball game. Wooden case with glass top. Home made.

Collection of miscellaneous counters and dice in cigar box. Mainly modern.

Snow White and the seven dwarfs bagatelle game

Solitaire; large version with marbles

The two princesses; interlocking plywood jig-saw puzzle. 200 pieces

Mathematics teaching for Australian grades 3 and 4
Sound recording

How to stay alive; Murray banks
Sound recording

Riverland A E C
Sound recording

Hand printed pink cotton fabric from Holland Park Comprehensive school, London