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Ring binder containing a collection of booklets, letters, photographs etc all relating to Drumcroon education art centre, Wigan.
Hemming, Denise

Schools for the next generation; A report of the second annual conference held at Derwent college, university of York. 19th-22nd July 1982

Towards good schools, which way for the 80's?; A report of the fourth annual conference held at Alcuin college, university of York 25th-28th July 1983

Towards good schools: new responses, initiatives and developments A report of the fifth annual study conference held at Langwith college, university of York. 23rd -26th July 1984

Towards good schools: sharing in education. A report of the sixth national study course held by the centre for the study of comprehensive schools held at Alcuin college, university of York 22nd to 25th July 1985

School to working life : pupils with special needs. A report of a research project carried out for the CSCS in 1982/83.
Allason, C H

Values and the curriculum; Opus, an action-research model for schools.
Heller, Harold

Pamphlet on Databank services . Index 1985 No 2

Pamphlet Education for enterprise . C.S.C.S. publication No.7.

Centre news; Mailshot 2. February 1986

T.V.E.I. Insight. The journal of the technical and vocational education initiative.

T.V.E.I. Project: Annual project report 1984/1985.

T.V.E.I. Working papers. 1.
Fiddy, Rob

T.V.E.I. Review, 1984 and 1985 summary and Resources for 1985-6.

Occupational training families; their implications for F.E. An F.E.U occasional paper
Johnson, Ron

Vocational preparation.

ABC in action . A report from a FEU/CGLI working party on the piloting of "A basis for choice" 1979-81 .

Who cares? A curriculum policy for caring courses at the initial level.

Basic skills .

Stretching the system; FE and related responses to students with special needs. A special needs document

A basis for choice; report of a study group on post- 16- pre-employment courses.

Supporting Y.T.S.: Guidance for colleges and others involved in the MSC youth training team

Flexible learning opportunities.

Supporting T.V.E.I.: FE and the development of technical and vocational curricula

Supporting Y.T.S.; 3rd edition.

Progressing to college; a 14-16 core. An F.E. view

Art and design; G.C.S.E. A guide for teachers.

Resources for visual education; 7-13.

Art; 7-11. Report from a curriculum development working group.

Aspects of C.P.V.E. A project report

Perception and cognition; a cross-cultural perspective.
Lloyd, Barbara B.

The function and assessment of art in education. Two papers.
Smith, Prof. Ralph

Marketing F.E.; a feasibility study. A project report

The real thing; summary school projects

In sight. A journal of art education. Issue No.2.

Child art revolution 1930-1960; the Barclay-Russell Memorial Collection. An exhibition at the Festival Hall, London October 24 - November 6 1983
Morley, John

The revolution in child art. 1930-1960. The Barclay-Russell Memorial Collection
Barclay-Russell trustees

Handout. Youth training scheme; a sign of quality.

Learning to see.
Rowland, Kurt

Using pictures with children.

The 14-18 curriculum; integrating CPVE YTS and TVEI?

The certificate of pre-vocational education. A consultative document.

The certificate of pre-vocational education. Parts A,B and C.

Arts express. No 10

Arts express. No.24.

Developing the core area - creative development. Report of the FEU /CPVE project No. RP272.

Aesthetic development.

Approaches to art in education.
Chapman, Laura H.

Educating for art; critical response and development.
Taylor, Rod

Children solve problems.
Bono, Edward de

In and out of school; the ROSLA community education project.
White, Roger

Creativity; Selected readings edited by P E Vernon.

Outcomes of education.
Burgess, Tyrrell

Art related topics; related studies for art and design students
Nunn, Bob

Art education; a strategy for course design.
Barrett, Maurice

Other schools and ours: Comparative studies for today 5th ed.
King, Edmund J.

Children and art teaching. Croom Helm Teaching 5-13 series
Gentle, Keith

Children's talk.
Garvey, Catherine

Contributions. No.9. Winter 1985/86

CPVE in action. A project report. The evaluation of the 1984/85 pilot schemes.

Education, unemployment and the future of work.
Watts, A.G.

Teaching art
Roberts, Doreen

Developments in art teaching.
Wooff, Terence

From communication to curriculum.
Barnes, Douglas

Children's minds.
Donaldson, Margaret

The pocket dictionary of art terms. Revised. and enlarged
Ehresmann, Julia M editor

Ways of seeing.
Berger, John

The study of education and art.
Field, Dick ed

Art in secondary education. 11-16.

The art teacher's handbook.
Clement, Robert

Pamphlet on the introduction to school curriculum development. Also additional curriculum issues/papers.

The function of art education inn secondary schools. A selection of papers.

Paper on emerging issues in TVEI implementation.
Saunders, Murray

Two examples of school/project curriculum data prepared by Trent polytechnic for the TVEI unit

Note on TVEI curriculum data base; describing the present state of the development of the curriculum data-base
Harrison, G B

Paper on TVEI early developments; a report by HM Inspectors

Notice re part time courses in furniture and metalwork at Jacob Kramer college 1984/85.Brochures and application form for part-time courses.

TVEI a step towards tomorrow; a new initiative in education in Barnsley

Barnsley careers service school leavers pack. Folder outlining information and careers service available in Barnsley

Documentation for a submission to BTEC for a preparatory programme in The design and entertainment industries.

Brochures outlining BTEC diploma in art and design courses available at Huddersfield technical college .

Two papers explaining art and design syllabus 16plus examinations. 1979 and 1984.

Defining a design dimension of the curriculum; a paper for the NSAE conference at Bath 25-27 April 1984
Baynes, Ken

Notes towards the articulation of the bases of the design dimension of the curriculum.
Roberts, Phil

Learning to mean . Introduction and summary.
Roberts, Phil

Paper: A secured niche . D.E.S. Course 1906 - Art and the secondary survey. Woolley Hall college. 13th November 1980
Price, Eddie

Arts in schools project. No.1. 'Taking the initiative' January 1986

The arts in school project. No.2. Primary matters May 1986

CPVE. Staff handbook.

Note re Certificate of pre-vocational education, with letter about CPVE publications.. Nos. 3 4 5 7 8 9 10 and 12

Papers relevant to the submission from the North Worcestershire consortium for the CPVE of a CPVE scheme for approval.

Photographs of art exhibitions by London schools and colleges.
Photograph or slide

Museum information pack.
Photograph or slide