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Design fundamentals
Scott, Robert Gillam

Learn to paint with water colours
Crawshaw, Alwyn

Art international: vol XXIV/5-6, Jan-Feb 1981

Ways of seeing
Berger, John

Learning to paint with oils
Gorrard, Peter John.

National and Tate Galleries
Wilson, R N D

Art and Australia vol 1 no 1

William Johnstone

Hill / Adamson albums

Art versus illness; a story of art therapy
Hill, Adrian

Edible fungi
Ramsbottom, John

How to draw sail and sea
Leszczynski, Michat

Working handbook of types in use at the Curwen Press.

Jugoslav scenes; dry points.
Lavrin, Nora.

Textile design; how to do it series
Hunt, Antony.

Painting; some basic principles.
Gore, Frederick.

Here is British cotton.

Ethel Walker, Frances Hodgkins, Gwen John

Bryan Wynter

Exhibition of paintings and drawings by Graham Sutherland.

Paul Nash, 1889 - 1946. Paintings, watercolours and drawings.

Frederick Konekamp.
Gee, K.

G.Braque; an exhibition of paintings.

Henri Hayden.

Mathew Smith; paintings from 1909 to 1952.

Mare, Eric de

Artists Guide

Hundred years of German painting.

Wyndham Lewis and vorticism.

Country camera, 1844-1914.
Winter, Gordon.

Seashore life and pattern.
Stephenson, T A

Exhibition of sketches and drawings.

Zao Wou-Ki.
Roy, Claude.

Technique of still life painting in oil colours.
Richmond, Leonard

Glittering oasis in a dark wood.
Maze, Edward.

Coventry cathedral

Tate Gallery.

Sculpture in the home.

Continental exhibition.

Paintings and drawings by Raoul Dufy, Tate Gallery
Dufy, Raoul, 1877-1953

British painting,1925-50.

Modern American painting.

Ben Nicholson 1949-50.

Stanley Spencer.


The Pleydell - Bouverie collection.

Mary Potter 1938-64.

De Kooning.
Janis, Harriet

How to draw children.
Pointer, Priscilla.

Sir Joshua Reynolds.
Sime, John.

Step-ladder to painting.
Gordon, Jan.

Technique of water-colour painting.
Richmond, L

Old master drawings from Chatsworth

Rodrigo Moyniham.



Modern British pictures.

Contemporary British art.

Modern art in the United States.

Terry Frost.

Dilys Bryon

Simon Smith.

Maurice Jadot.

Susana Simon.

Russian Emigre Artist in Paris.

Russian painting.

Writers and artists year book.
Black, Adam and Charles.

On the mastery of water-colour painting.
Hill, Adrian.

Studio; vol 164, no 834

Art; no 2; domestic art

Rewald, John, 1912-1994

Tottel's miscellany; songs and sonnettes
Howard, Henry

Selected poems. .
Yevtushenko, Vevgeny.

Selected poems. .
Kovner, Abba & Sachs, Nelly.

Lyre Francaise.
Masson, Gustave.

Red cotton nightcap country or Turf & Towers . The Inn album.
Browning, Robert.

Book of modern verse.
Roberts, Michael

Collected poems. .
Lewis, C Day

Selected poems.
Trevelyan, R C

Memory of war and children in exile. Poems 1968 - 1983.
Fenton, James.

In the net of stars.
Flint, F S

Poetical works.
Keats, John.

Temple and a priest to the temple.
Herbert, George.

Twentieth century poetry
Monro, Harold

Poetical works of William Drummond
Turnbull, William.

Poetry nation. No.4.

Iremonger, Valentin.

New divan.
Morgan, Edwin.

Swords and ploughshares.
McFadden, Roy.

Time to mourn. .
Savage, D S

Centre cannot hold.
Woodcock, George.

Combe Valley and other poems.
Venables, Roger.

Silver wind and other poems.
Venables, Roger.

Song of Lazarus.
Comfort, Alex.

Burning of the leaves and other poems.
Binyon, Laurence.

Collected poems of Hart Crane.
Waldd, Frank

Selected poems; Penguin modern European poets.; Temporarily unavailable
Tsvetayeva, Marina.

Selected poems. append.
Montale, Eugenio, 1896-1981

Poems and ballads..
Swinburne, Algernon Charles.

Poems and ballads. .
Swinburne, Algernon Charles.

Psalms for modern life. Interpreted with drawings by Arthur Wragg.

Selected poems. Trans. Ted Hughes and Janos Csokitis.
Pilinszky, Janos.

Undying day.
Greacen, Robert.

Time to dance and other poems.
Lewis, C Day

Poets at work
Arnheim, Rudolf

Gods with stainless ears.
Roberts, Lynette.

Selected poems. .
Ritsos, Jannis.

Selected poems.
Blok, Alexander.

Selected poems.
Carmi, T

Selected poems.
Mandelstam, Osip.

Time between. Poems from the Chinese and others.
Dent, Peter.

Poems 1937 - 1975; volume 2 of the complete poems
Reznikoff, Charles.

Other days. Poems. Limited ed.
Turner, Jim.

Poisoner and others. Poems.
Summers, David.

Shadow land. Selected poems. 2nd ed.
Bobrowski, Johannes, 1917-1965

Keeping in touch.
Herbert, Kathleen.

House without windows.
Herbert, Kathleen.

Return journey.
Herbert, Kathleen.

On safari.
Herbert, Kathleen.

Myths, magic and monsters.
Herbert, Kathleen.

Haiku, Tanka and Senryu.
Herbert, Kathleen.

Letter to Eve.
Herbert, Kathleen.

Places. Poems 1970 - 1973.
McCarthy, Shaun.

Once or twice. Poems.
Sharat Chandra, G. S.

Report from the desert. Poems 1970 - 1972.
John, Roland.

Dream traces.
Cookson, William.

Phases of memory. Poems.
Bennett, Roy.

Timescales. Poems, English and Scottish.
McNeil, Neil.

World in action.
Trevor, Stan.

Small comfort.
Humphrey, Clucas

Pick. Vol. 3, No. 10.

Pick. Vol. 3, No. 11.

Pick. Vol. 3, No. 12.

Three painter - poets; Selected poems. .
Arp, Hans, 1887-1966

Translation. .
Braybrooke, Neville

Second man; poems
Symons, Julian

Plan and phantom.
Macneice, Louis.

Springboard; poems 1941 - 1944.
Macneice, Louis

Oxford book of modern verse,1892-1935
Yeats, W B

Out of the picture; a play in two acts.
MacNeice, Louis

Invitation and warning.
Treece, Henry.

Thirty - five poems.

Cross channel.
Dale, Peter.

Hollow landscapes.
Bedford, William.

Images of summer.
Bennett, Roy.

Lines review; no 73

New signatures; poems by several hands.
Roberts, Michael

Selected poems.
MacNeice, Louis.

Christmas in Africa.
Couzyn, Jeni.

Rocky shores; an anthology of Faroese poetry.
Johnston, George.

Letter in wartime and other poems.
Mallalieu, H B

Poets and poetry of the century; George Crabbe to Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Miles, Alfred H

English Association book of verse.
Leyland, Peter

George, Stefan Anton, 1868-1933

Complete poems of Rupert Brooke.
Brooke, Rupert.

Hopkins, Gerard Manley, 1844-1889

Landscapes and departures.
Nott, Kathleen.

Reliques of ancient English poetry; vol 2
Percy, Thomas.

Silent pool and other poems.
Monro, Harold.

Poetic gems.
McGonagall, William.

Way to school.
Dann, Brian.

Derelict day; poems in Germany.
Ross, Alan.

Centuries' poetry; vol 2, Donne to Dryden.
Roberts, Denys Kilham

Selected poems
Trakl, Georg, 1887-1914

Selected poems.
Ungaretti, Giuseppe, 1888-1970

Selected poems.
Celan, Paul, 1920-1970

Selected poems.

Return to my native land.
Cesaire, Aime.

Grass, Gunter.

Selected poems.
Brodsky, Joseph.

Anthology of animal poetry.
Mason, Kenneth

Soldiers, this solitude.
Rook, Alan.

Far cry; poems
McCaig, Norman.

Selected poems.
Pasternak, Boris.

Allott, Kenneth.

Poems and contradictions
Warner, Rex, 1905-1986

Twentieth century verse. Bound volume of issues Jan 1937-Feb 1939.

Collected poems.
Mare, Walter de la

Irish Writing

Poetry catalogue.

Wreath for the living.
Comfort, Alex.

Autumn journal.
MacNeice, Louis.

Mystery and tragedy.
Moore, T. Sturge.

Words; nos 11 & 12.

Under the eildon tree; a poem in XXIV elegies.
Smith, Sydney Goodsir.

Ingoldsby legends; or Mirth & marvels .
Ingoldsby, Thomas.

Modern verse. 1900-1940.
Jones, Phyllis M

Poetical works
Milton, John.

Baker's dozen of tin trumpets. Two others of different metals.
Selver, Paul.

Introducing modern poetry. An anthology.
Bebbington, W G

Elizabethan lyrics from the original texts.
Ault, Norman

Anthology of French poetry.
Lawler, James R

Making, knowing and judging.
Auden, W.H.

Selected poems.
Smith, Sydney Goodsir.

Verses from St. Augustine or Specimens from a rich mine.
Searle, John

Celebration at dark. Poems.
Smith, William Jay.

Mirror and other poems.
Clark, Leonard.

Poetical Works. Ed. Ernest Hartley Coleridge.
Coleridge, Samuel Taylor

Handful of pleasant delites
Robinson, Clement

Sixteen satires

Collected poems.
Yeats, W.B.

Ring and the book.
Browning, Robert

Poems. .
Dunbar, William.

Testament of Cresseid. .
Henryson, Robert.

Poetry London X. .

Browning, Robert

Hodgson, Ralph.

Stories in prose,stories in verse, shorter poems,lectures and essays
Morris, William.

Atalanta in Calydon and Erechtheus.
Swinburne, Algernon Charles.

Poems and plays; 2 vols, 1833 -44 and 1844 - 64
Browning, Robert.

Gedichte. Seleleted and edited by A.Closs.
Photograph or slide

Dance and the soul.
Val‚ry, Paul, 1871-1945

English water colour painters.
Paris, H J

British romantic artists
Piper, John, 1903-1992

British cartoonists, caricaturists and comic artists.
Low, David.

J B Yeats; letters to son on W.B. Yeats and others 1869 - 1922.
Hon, Joseph

Blake and Milton.
Saurat, Denis.

Theban plays; King Oedipus, Oedipus at Colones, Antigone.
Watling, E F

Complete plays; 2 vols
Jonson, Ben.

Riders of the sea
Synge, John M.

Playboy of the western world
Synge, John M.

Revised works from best authorities; 6 vols
Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616

Eighteenth century comedy
Farquhar, G

The plays in one volume.
Barrie, J M

Anthology of contempory verse.
O'Donnell, Margaret J.

Collected satyrs and poems.
Sitwell, Osbert.

Arriving and other poems
Smith, Michael A.

Along an edge and other poems.
Smith, Michael A.

Icaro; a translation from the Italian by Ruth Draper.
Bosis, Lauro de.

Doctor Donne and Garqantua. The first six cantos.
Sitwell, Sir, Sacheverell, 1897-1988

A Shropshire lad.
Housman, A.E.

Poetry and the drama
Browning, Robert.

Best poems of 1940.

The glass tower and other poems.
Moore, Nicholas.

New poems 1965. An anthology of contempary poetry.

Tovey, Sir, Donald Francis, 1875-1940

World over all.
Lewis, C. Day.

The earthly paradise.
Morris, William.

Poetry themes; stray or stop
Stokes, C G

A poet's notebook.
Sitwell, Edith.

Modern American verse
Moore, G

Catalogue and stocklist.

Collected poems.
Moore, Marianne.

Uncatalogued paintings and drawings.
Gee., kenneth

Coastal reflections and other writings.

Print-making notes.

Cuttings from colour magazines for art scrap book.

Last quartet.
Gee, Kenneth.

Gee, Kenneth.

Stranger to the country.
Gee, Kenneth.

Wherever you go or the fugitive.
Gee, Kenneth.

Losing game.
Gee, Kenneth.

Losing game; possible last chapter
Gee, Kenneth

Losing game.
Gee, Kenneth.

Notebook - notes on printing
Gee, Kenneth.

Notebook containing manuscripts of three poems.
Gee, Kenneth.

Notebook containing only draft of Mountains and water .
Gee, Kenneth.

Notebook containing notes for Project for memory . .
Gee, Kenneth.

Translation of poems by Werner Aspenstrom.
Gee, Kenneth

Earth is a stone; a novel
Gee, Kenneth

Project for memory.
Gee, Kenneth.

Gee, Kenneth.

Gee, Kenneth.

Gee, Kenneth

Man and stones. Poems.
Gee, Kenneth.

If the poor may speak
Gee, Kenneth

Earth is a stone. Parts I, II and III.
Gee, Kenneth.

Pathway for a painter.
Gee, Kenneth.

Gee, Kenneth.

Translations of poems by Edith Sondergran. Includes correspondence.
Bergman, Malin

Notes for autobiographies
Gee, Kenneth

Earth is a stone. Parts I, II and III.
Gee, Kenneth.

Incidents in the blitz. Second exercise book begun 5 March, 1955.
Gee, Kenneth.

Programme notes.

Story so far and other situations
Gee, Kenneth

Lost men and other poems.
Gee, Kenneth.

Poems to be revised or scrapped.
Gee, Kenneth.

Poems and lists about Sending out .
Gee, Kenneth.

Personal anthology.
Gee, Kenneth.

Notes for long poem Painter , about Peter Lanyon.
Gee, Kenneth.

Gee, Kenneth

Drafts of poems and other writings
Gee, Kenneth

Small notebook with a few pages listing films .
Gee, Kenneth.

Notebook including manuscript poems & other notes.
Gee, Kenneth.

Notebook containing manuscript poems.
Gee, Kenneth.

List of paintings
Gee, Kenneth

Stories begin in many ways
Gee, Kenneth

Writings book - poems.
Gee, Kenneth.

The hotel, part 1/The last summer
Gee, Kenneth

Notebook containing manuscript drafts of poems and notes.
Gee, Kenneth.

Two short stories
Flint, Daphne

Manuscript notebook containing litery extracts and portrait sketches, etc.
Gee, Daphne

Gee, Kenneth

Gee, Kenneth

Out of the past being fragments of the diary of Neil Waterson.
Gee, Kenneth.

Translation of poems by Werner Aspenstrom
Gee, Kenneth

Prospects, ....'s diary, Project for memory and other papers.
Gee, Kenneth.

September 1940 and selected poems.
Gee, Daphne.

Notes for a story-.
Gee, Kenneth.

Under starters orders
Gee, Kenneth

Notebook containing manuscript drafts of poems. Dated 16th June,1943.
Gee, Kenneth.

Meeting place.
Gee, Kenneth.

Happy all day Friday.
Gee, Kenneth.

Various Swedish poetry translations.
Gee, Kenneth.

Personal anthology.
Gee, Kenneth. (compiler).

Poetry of Robert Graves.
Gee, Kenneth.

Nineteen poems.
Gee, Kenneth.

Gee, Kenneth.

Miscellaneous papers.
Gee, Kenneth.

Under starter's orders
Gee, Kenneth.

Under starter's orders, small poems and my biographies.
Gee, Kenneth.

Farthest found.
Gee, Kenneth.

Poems that are not to do with Beginnings
Gee, Kenneth.

Drafts of Project for memory .
Gee, Kenneth.

Gee, Kenneth

Books read and ? read; diary listing
Gee, Kenneth

Personal letters, postcards etc to Kenneth and Daphne Gee
Konekamp, Frederick

Personal letters, poems etc to Kenneth Gee
Nott, Kathleen

Papers, letters etc to Kenneth Gee re; publication of poetry

Papers, letters etc re; paintings by Kenneth Gee

Miscellaneous papers and letters to Kenneth Gee

Letters to Kenneth and Daphne Gee
Maconchy, Elisabeth

Letters, cards etc to Kenneth Gee on the occasion of his retirement