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First report of the National Council for Diplomas in Art and Design

A Plan for Polytechnics and Other Colleges; Higher Education in the Futher Education System; Cmnd.3006

Second report of the National Council for Diplomasin Art & Design

The structure of art and design education in the further education sector; report of a Joint Committee of the National Advisory Council on Art Education and the National Council for Diplomasin Art and Design

Teacher education and training

Education, a framework for expansion

Four brochures outlining the Leicester foundation pre-Diploma courses; plus one other brochure

Sunderland College of Art: outline of foundation courses, notes etc. run by Derek Carruthers
Carruthers, Derek

Synopsis of eight week foundation course preceded by introductory week

Synopsis of foundation phase and materials and processes courses-session 1965/66
Carruthers, Derek

Synopsis of foundation phase and materials and processes courses-session 1966/67
Carruthers, Derek

Pre-Diploma studies 1967/68. foundation phase, eight week course

Foundation/pre-diploma studies 1968/69. Foundation phase weeks 2-9. Projects and timetables

Department of pre-Diploma studies. Courses in art history and complementary studies: 1968/69

Fine art projects, design and supplementary design projects

List of students, area and school attending pre-Diploma courses, years 1968/69-1972/73

Department of pre-Diploma studies-Summer term projects

Department of foundation/pre-Diploma studies-foundation phase programme 1969/70

Department of pre-Diploma studies: foundation phase Programme 1970/71

A general and particular review of foundation/Ppe-Diploma studies and its place in the future of art and design education
Carruthers, Derek

Complementary studies and art history in the department of pre-diploma studies
Hiley, Michael

Department of foundation/pre-Diploma studies. Foundation phase programme 1971/72

Department of foundation/pre-Diploma studies: Foundation Phase Programme 1972/73

Programme for two day conference on the relationship of secondary art teaching to the foundation study course

Pre-Diploma education-policy statement

Aims of a foundation year course. (R.C.A. report)

The art school foundation course. A report
Seabourne, Barry

Article in S.i.A. Journal 'Art schools, too little too late'. No 144 February 1965 144
Hughes-Stanton, Corin

'An analysis of some Art and Design curricula'
Wayte, Nick

Article 'The personality of art students',
Stringer, Peter

Letter from Robert S Dalton, secretary, to members of the East Midlands district of the N.S.A.E. informing them of a meeting at Loughborough college of art and design 10th February
Dalton, Robert M.

Foundation courses and D.I.P. A.D.-Some background information
Christie, Ian

Correspondence between The Cognitive Research Trust and Derek Carruthers at Leicester college of art re pre-diploma studies
Carruthers, Derek

Comments by seven students representing the 1971/72 course of foundation/pre-diploma studies at the City of Leicester polytechnic

Press cuttings from various newspapers relating to pre-diploma studies

Correspondence relating to the Academic Board working party No 5 on the 'Structure of art and design education'

Department of pre-Diploma Studies; years 1964/65 to 1972/73

Photographs of exhibition work and others taken at Sunderland College of Art
Photograph or slide

Two photographs of student groups at Leicester 1964/66
Photograph or slide