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I.N.S.E.A. Banner,1995
Allison, Brian

2 commemorative coins in box from the 1982 Banner of Peace Assembly, Sofia, Bulgaria

2 commemorative coins in boxes from the 1985 Banner of Peace Assembly, Sofia, Bulgaria

2 Folders containing stamps to commemorate the Banner of Peace Assembly, Sofia, Bulgaria

4 Dolls handmade by children and macrame hanging from Banner of Peace Assembly, Sofia, Bulgaria

Pottery figure from Banner of Peace Assembly, Sofia, Bulgaria

Foruth annual report to the minister of the arts

Painting; Australia- selected landscapes from the National Gallery of Victoria

The arts framework; P-10, for total growth

Curriculum artsnews; vol 2, no 2

ACTA magazine

ACTA news


ACTA conference

Planning design courses for secondary schools; a curriculum guide for teachers of art and design

Our schools and their purposes; into the 80's

SAJER; South Australian journal of education research, vol 1 No 1

Artefacts; a journal for teachers of art, craft and design.

CDC news; multi arts project

Curriculum guide for art teachers; working paper no 2

Art in education; journal of the art education society, New South Wales.
Waugh, Ellen

Art education in Queensland; '84

R-7 art; Central Northern Region

Canberra school of art; handbook

Maria Kozic; the installation

Extended landscape

Magic lantern; slide show

The wrong place; five Sydney painters.

Education and the arts; South Australian report.

Art in education; a survey of art education in Australia
Mackrell, R J

Ceramics...objects and figures

Core curriculum for Australian schools; What it is and why it is needed.

Tertiary visual arts education in Australia; A report to the visual arts board

Primary art; draft syllabus

Primary crafts; syllabus

Art, craft and design education; a study of the opportunities and requirements in the post secondary sector in Western Australia

The suggested teaching programme for assistant teachers

Arts alive; Vol 2. No 4.

Multi-arts project scrapbook; Western Australia

Arts alive; vol 2. no 1 and vol 3. no 1.

Artbook; Western Australian arts magazine vol 4. no 7.

Starters; four art and crafts units of instruction

Art and crafts education, Australia

Discovering Aboriginal culture; The Aboriginal Australian in North Eastern Arnhem Land.
Williams, Don

Introducing Aboriginal Australians; The Aboriginal Australian in North Eastern Arnhem Land
Fidock, Alan

Exploring Aboriginal kinship; The Aboriginal Australian in North Eastern Arnhem Land
Williams, Don

Learning an Aboriginal language; The Aboriginal Australian in North Eastern Arnhem Land
Williams, Don

Teachers manual; The Aboriginal Australian in North Eastern Arnhem Land
Williams, Don

Seeing to learn; an introduction to the visual education curriculum project.

What a picture!; Learning from photographs.

Classroom photography; Learning by making photographs. Books 1 & 2

Seeing and drawing; Learning, thinking and communicating through drawing

Just imagine... learning through mental imagery

Do you see what I mean?; learning through charts, maps, and diagrams.

Pictures of ideas; learning through visual comparison and analogy

Midweek matinee....?; considerations for learning from film and television

Lights, camera, action... learning by making films and videotapes

Journal of the institute of art education

Report of the art education association of Western Australia; inaugural conference

Report of the art education association of Western Australia; 3rd conference

Institute of art education national conference Queen's College, University of Melbourne

Foundations of art education; nos 1-4 reader and booklet

Selection for art education; a case study

Art education programme

Sydney college of art; prospectus and handbook

Careers in art; visual arts graduates 1980 - 1983

A report on admission and selection procedures; evaluate studies programme

Australian academy of design; media release

Questions answered. Solutions found. Problems solved.; what you need to know about the world competitive manufacturing programme

Australian institute of art education; newsletter

Australian society for education through arts; bulletin

Australian society for education through arts; bulletin

1st international arts education research conference, Adelaide, Australia

We've heard about the Old Masters... but where are the old mistresses?; a study of art and women - Western tradition
Duance, Lorraine

Art, design, technical drawing; courses information for students and parents

Art, craft and design; let's solve some problems; resource paper

Arts in cultural diversity; 23rd World Congress of INSEA, Adelaide Australia

Arts in cultural diversity . Programme of the 23rd World Congress of INSEA, Adelaide, Australia

Abstracts of keynote addresses presented at the 23rd World Congress of INSEA, Adelaide, Australia

Cross cultural research in arts education; invited papers from the 1st INSEA Research Conference, held in conjunction with 23rd World Congress of INSEA, Adelaide, Australia

Arts in cultural diversity; first draft programme of 23rd World Congress of INSEA, Adelaide, Australia

Education and the arts; national report

Art mo Botswana; art education newsletter

Comunicacoes e artes

Arte-educacao no Brasil

Arte-educacao no Brasil; bibliografia; bibliography

Revista comunicacoes e artes

Mario de andrade e a crianca

Perdidos no espaco; a booklet in portugese re; artists in residence at the Museum of contemporary art, Sao Paulo

Las mascaras de las mascaras; Masks
Buchbinder, Mario J.

INSEA 84; 25th world congress programme. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

INSEA 84; 25th World Congress Information Leaflet, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Museo de los ninos , Caracas; museum guide

Colegio valsassina. A Portugese book of children's verse

La education por el arte
Pantigoso, Manuel

Educacao Artistica; uma Verdade na Educacao?
Pinto de Almeida, Marilla

Simposio Sobre Avaliacao e Conservacao do Meio Ambiente

Forum de Debates Sobre a Crianca Brasileira

Projeto crianca na praca

Bulgaria; A brief historical outline
Markovski, Dimiter

Georgi Dimitrov on the leading role of the working class and the Communist Party
Baichinski, Kostadin

Man/Evolution/Cosmos: journal nos 1 and 2

According to the laws of beauty
Zhivkova, Lyudmila

Lyudmila Zhivkova; her many worlds, new culture, beauty, concepts and action
Maxwell, Robert

Second international assembly; Banner of peace, Sofia 1982

Garland of living songs; a collection of multi-lingual poems written by children

Illustrated poetry book in Bulgarian. Written by children

Mosaics of the Bourgas children; coloured, illustrated album
Vassilchina, Violette

An album of linocuts by children from Ltuben Karavelov school Bourgas, Bulgaria

Ceramic sculptures by the children of Bourgas, Bulgaria

Musical compositions by children from around the world

Literary works of children from around the world

Art by children from around the world

Art by children from around the World

The monument, Banner of Peace

Lyudmila Zhivkova International Foundation. Booklet outlining the aims and members of the Foundation

Lyudmila Zhivkova international foundation; establishment and report of the activities.

Unity, creativity, beauty; a booklet in Bulgarian

International assembly; Banner of Peace, Sofia '82.

The international Banner of Peace Assembly, Sofia, Bulgaria

Sporting and cultural events in Bulgaria

Palais National de la Culture; Ludmila Jivkova , Sofia

Banner of Peace

OBZOR; A Bulgarian quarterly review of literature and arts

Information bulletin

Children/Arts/Books number 3. Art Education in Bulgaria

Union of Bulgarian artists; information bulletin

Miscellaneous exhibition catalogues in Bulgarian

International exhibition theatre posters of today, Sofia

Bulgaria - the cradle of Slavonic letters; essay on the evolution of Slavonic culture

Nikola Vaptsarov; a biography of the poet
Golev, Vladmir

Ikonen Aus Bulgarien
Bossilkov, Svetlin

Bulgarian culture
Severnyak, Serafim

Notes from Europe; Special number on Bulgaria

Banner of Peace newspaper

7th regional congress of INSEA for Europe, Africa and the Middle East; humanistic tendencies in art education

Education through art and the all-round development of young people; 14th world congress of INSEA, Rotterdam
Stefanova, Liliana

Journal of the 7th regional congress of INSEA held in Sofia, Bulgaria

28th Annual Assembly of the Canadian Society for Education through Art, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Canadian review of art education; Research and Issues. Vol. 14
Webb, Nick

Canadian Society for Education through Art Newsletter

Canadian and United States Societies for Education through Art conference programme. University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada

Canadian Society for Education through Art Newsletter; Conference Feature

Nova Scotia college of art and design; Papers in art education
Webb, Nick

Pouring the foundations; A guide to built environment education

International young art

Annual journal No 8; Special International issue dedicated to INSEA

INSEA; 6th Regional Congress of Europe, Africa and the Middle East held in Nicosia, Cyprus

Environmental consciousness and art education; Report of the 6th regional congress of Europe, Africa and Middle East, Nicosia, Cyprus
Allison, Brian

Secondary school children paint

Turkey's expansionist designs on Cyprus; The role of TMT

Makarios; through the eyes of children

Contemporary Cypriot artists INSEA 6th Regional Congress of Europe, Africa and Middle East

Art education magazine

Didactics of art education

Art education after the 2nd world war; Mission and objectives

Art magazines from countries in the Far East

South Pacific arts conference report, Nasinu Teachers College, Suva, Fiji

Creative education and leisure time. Programme of the 22nd World Congress of INSEA held in Sevres, France

Masken; bau und spiel; making and playing
Seitz, Rudolf

Zeichnen und Malen mit Kindern
Seitz, Rudolf

Kunst in der Kniebeuge; Art in the Kneebend
Seitz, Rudolf


Hofman, Ludwig

Congress Centrum Hamburg. Brochure

Berlin Stadtspiel

Kunst und Unterricht; art education journals

Symposion; Kunstler und Schule

Beeldende Vorming; INSEA World Congress, Hamburg

KOSEK Info 1; Koordinierungsstelle Sekundarstufe II

Model Experiment Kollegschule North-Rhine-Westphalia: Paper for the Information of the participants of the IMTECSeminary of OECD/CERI

Asthetische Erizehung 5-10

Asthetische Erziehung 1-4
Staudte, Adelheid

Kunstunterricht; Planung Bildnerischer Denkprozesse; The planning of visual thought processes

Kind und Kunst

Kind und Kunst 2

Zweitausend Jahre Capitalis

Ewto'; An introduction to Amerindian village life in Guyana

Modern Chinese paintings
Lap-Kwan, Chung

Urban council museum of art catalogue

Art exhibition INSEA 1983; catalogue

Art exhibition INSEA 1984; catalogue

Journal of the Hong Kong Committee

Wonders of the potters palette; Qing Ceramics from the collection of the Hong Kong Museum of Art

Tradition and value in aesthetic education; An International symposium and exhibition

Kornyeine, Gere Zsuzsa

Hungarian illustrated poetry book
Konyvkiado, Mora

The Basic Training Programme

Contemporary Hungarian society
Kiado, Corvina

Public education in Hungary
Kiado, Corvina

Hungarian experience of OOK; An instrument for the development of educational technology
Nagy, Josef

Statistical pocket book of Hungary

Educationa Technology

Cultural Life of Hungary in Figures

Audio-Visual Materials; Information Sheets

Vid Byggjum Land; A collection of Work by Icelandic Children to Celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Icelands settlement

Curriculum Reform in Iceland; An Integrated Approach to Educational Innovation

This India
Dhar, Sheila

Curriculum in the Arts; A Conceptual Framework
Virmani, J.D.

44th Indian Public Schools' Conference held in Yadavindra Public School, Patiala

Sir J J School of Art, Bombay; Prospectus

Y P S Times; Founders Day Special

Ssilver Leaf; Yadavindrian Silver Jubilee

Israel Observed; An Exhibition by 10 British Artists, Paintings, Prints, Drawings and Photographs

Art and Decoration in Educational and Cultural Institutions
Tamir, Moshe

Children illustrate stories of the bible

Publicity material concerning the Haifa museum education centre

Making the modern world. Africa and Middle East; Israel
Freeman, Anthony

Israel Museum, Jerusalem; publicity material

Shephela Museum, Kefar-Menahem, Israel; publicity material

International seminar for education through art; Israel. programme and lectures

Tel Aviv museum

Art education in the world; special issue

Japanese art magazines; Nos 1, 2 and 3

Japanese art education magazines Vol 134, 137 and 142

Japanese art

VCO special INSEA '81; arts education outside school

VCO special; word printing; not everything that is printed is a lie

VCO exhibition; creativity centres in the Netherlands

VCO bulletin 31

VCO bulletin 24

VCO bulletin 26

VCO bulletin 28

National institue for curriculum development; organization plan

Het beleid van de VCO; How the VCO works

Art Education in the Netherlands; INSEA World Congress, Rotterdam

Curriculum Development in the Netherlands and SLO Summary; Practical and Theoretical Fundamentals for the SLO management with reference to the Tasks and Working Methods of SLO

Beeldende Vorming 1; Art Education Magazine

Creative Writing in the Netherlands
Godefroy, Peter

Geen Dag Zonder Lijn; Art Education in the Netherlands

INSEA Pre-conference on Research into Ideology, Learning, Evaluation, Arts Education, Rotterdam, Netherlands

INSEA; 24th World Congress, Rotterdam, Netherlands. Report; A Product of Process

Beeldende Vorming/Tekenen in het Basisonderwijs

NK-76 Hanaholmen; report of conference held at Hanaholmen

A Textbook on Art for Junior Secondary Schools
Wangboje, Irein

Pedagogical Mathods for the Development of Creativity in Children at Primary and Secondary Levels
Okeke, Uche

INSEA; Proceedings of the First Regional Congress of the International Society for Education through Art, Quezon City

Human Kinetics as a Body of Knowledge; Main Lectures and Short Papers given at the 25th World Conference AIESEP, Lisbon, Portugal

Andrew Mansfield Paintings; exhibition catalogue

International Symposium on Sculpture in Stone, Oporto, Portugal; exhibition catalogue

Ceramica no AR.CO; An Exhibition Catalogue of the International Ceramics Symposium, Azulejo, Portugal

Simposo Internacional de Ceramica; Alcobaca . Exhibition Catalogue; Alcobaca

Escultura Contemporanea Magir; Exhibition Catalogue, Portugal

Centro de Arte Moderna, Lisbon, Museum Guide

Primavera 5

Liga Portuguesa dos Deficientes Motores

Revista de Arte y Educacion

Memoria Didactica; Arte-Estetica-Humanismo Investigacion y Docencia; Art-Aesthetics-Humanism Research and Education
Vergara, J M Rubio

Fundacion Andaluza de Flamenco Espana.

Art Education in Spain; 4 Publications in Spanish

Nuestra Escuela . Art Education Magazine

Art Education in Spain

Iconica; Spanish Art Journal

El Bordado Popular Serrano
Iglesias, Lorenzo Gonzalez

International Art Conference held at Monasterio de Poio, Galicia

Arte, Individuo y Sociedad , Art Education Journal

Var for farinte barn bestamma. Children's drawings from Sweden
Posten, Arla Och

Dockteaterladan en handledning, Swedish puppetmaking
Meschke, Michael

Art as a tool and conveyor of knowledge. INSEA conference held in Stockholm, Sweden

Musikladan en Handledning. Swedish Music
Till, Lycka

Art education; International course at Hagaberg, Sodertalje, Sweden

Linkoping University and Institute of Technology

Datorgrfik I lararutbildning och skola

The Backefors project; report of project with art education students in Sweden

Educational system of England and Wales

Teaching in Schools; The Content of Initial Training

Report by H M Inspectors on

Art in Schools; Education Survey 11

Aesthetic development

Schools Council 18 Research Programme

Schools Council Art Committee. Art 7-11

The Function of Art Education in Secondary Schools

Art and Craft Education 8-13

Curriculum 11-16; Working Papers by H M Inspectorate; A Contribution to Current Debate

Design Education at Secondary Level

Revolution in child art 1930-1960; exhibition catalogue

Art and Design GCSE; A Guide for Teachers

Southern Examining Group Teachers Guide; Art and Design GCSE
Clement, R

Southern Examining Group Teachers Guide; History of Art and Design GCSE
Jeremiah, Dr D

Southern Examining Group Teachers Guide; Photography GCSE
Robbins, J H

Southern Examining Group Teachers Guide; CDT; Design and Communication GCSE
Webster, K

Southern Examining Group Teachers Guide; CDT; Technology GCSE
Pilliner, G W

Southern Examining Group Teachers Guide; CDT; Design and Realisation GCSE
Barrett, Ian

Southern Examining Group Teachers Guide; Home Economics - Textiles GCSE
Phillips, R A

Teaching of Art History in the Secondary School
Lubbock, J

Modern Developments in School of Art Education
Platt, John

Arthur Mellows Memorial Lecture; Education in Society
Clegg, Sir Alec

Response to Colour; Second Interim Report by Colin Thompson

The Childs World; An Exhibition of Art by Secondary School Pupils from England and America

Revolution in child art 1930-1960; exhibition catalogue

Learning through drawing

Art and Craft Education; October 1936

Art And Craft Education; July 1937

Aspects of Comprehensive Education

New Sixth; the Forward-Looking Magazine for the Sixth Forms of Today. Vol. 5 No. 10

Page 50; Computer Arts Society Quarterly

Insight; A Journal of Art Education. Issue No. 1

Colour Review; The Art Teachers Journal

BEE; Bulletin of Environmental Education

BEE; Bulletin of Environmental Education

Child Education; 6 Issues

International Exhibition of Childrens Art and Crafts

National Exhibition of Childrens Art, Catalogues

Arts Education; Towards 2000 Conference Report
Ross, Malcolm

Imagination and technique; Newsletter of the Schools Council Communication and Social Skills Poject
Lorac, Carol

Official Report of the First International Conference on the Professional Training of the Artist

Insight; Leicestershire Art Teachers Association Newsletter

Learning Through Art in the Primary School
Boden, Tony

Art 8-14; Art in the middle years of schooling

Cheshire Education Observed- Celebrations and Concerns; A report to the County Education Committee by the Commission on Secondary Education

Design for Need; the Social Contribution of Design. A Symposium and Exhibition

Design brief; vol 2, no 1
Phillips, Barry

Royal College of Art; Research Opportunities

Childrens use of Works of Art; A Catalogue of the Work in the Exhibition

A Wider Vision

Eleventh Report, 1 September 1985 - 31 December 1987; Presented to Parliament by the Secretary of State for Scotland

Twelfth report, for the year 1988; presented to Parliament by the Secretary of State for Scotland

Arts administration; a select bibliography
Bennett, Oliver

AEMS; Arts education for a multicultural society, a development plan


The national association for design education journal

York Art Teachers Association Newsletter

The British thesaurus of keywords in art and design education
Allison, Brian

Index of British studies in art and design education
Allison, Brian

Looking and seeing 1; pattern and shape
Rowland, Kurt

Looking and seeing 2; the development of shape
Rowland, Kurt

Journal of art and design education. Vol 1 No 1 - Vol 7 No 2

Practical object drawing; teachers handbook 3rd year course and 5th year course
Green, R E

Individual work in design; the single line approach method
Higgins, Walter

A picture book of children in sculpture

Art education past, present and future
Smith, C H

Beginning at the beginning with clay
Robertson, Seonaid

Needlework for student teachers; intended for the use of teachers and students of all grades
Smith, Amy K

Individual work in primary schools
Fleming, C M

Printing and book crafts for schools
Goodyear, Frederick

Handwork for infants school; a guide to the newest ideas and methods on educational handwork for infants, including the modern kindergarten and Montessori Method. Vols 1, 2 and 3
Holman, H

Handicraft in the school Vol.4; school drawing and colour work
Topham-Viaall, J W

A first book of pattern design with some examples of histrical craft work
Hargreaves, B

Book of school colour work vol.1
Branch, E A

Linear perspective; designed especially for the use of those who are preparing for the Second Grade Examination
Hodge, Henry

Classroom craft manual
Roukes, Nicholas

Yearbook of international organizations. 19th Edition

Educational review

Studies in higher education

British journal of educational psychology

INSEA news

Bulletin of the British Psychological Society

Art education; a strategy for course design
Barrett, Maurice

Art education; a strategy for course design
Barrett, Maurice

Many cultures, many arts; programme of the 8th regional congress of Europe, Middle East and Africa held at Bath, England

A practical guide to the world decade for cultural development 1988-1997

International fund for the promotion of culture

Intergovernmental committee of the world decade for cultural development; second regular session, Paris. Final Report.

International conference on education 41st session, Geneva. Final report.

UNESCO sources

UNESCO facts and figures

International congress on the occasion of the 13th anniversary of the associated schools project, Sofia, Bulgaria. Final report.

World conference on cultural policies, Mexico City. Final report.

International understanding at school no 50/51

Innovative methods in the associated schools project

United Nations day, Africa; recovery, development and the U.N.

Teaching about....apartheid

Connect; international environmental education programme 1990-1991

Action to combat racial discrimination; Equal dignity and worth

Teaching about...Palestine

Prospects; quarterly review of education

UNESCO courier

INSEA newsletter

Bulletin of the International Bureau of Education No 244/245: Special Theme: Art Education and Creativity
Allison (ed), Brian

Art Education and Creativity; An International Bibliography
Allison, Brian

Creart - Revista de Actividades Expresivas; Art Education Booklet, Montevideo, Uruguay

Penn State papers in art education; No 1 The problem of objectivity in esthetic value
Child, Irvin L

Penn State papers in art education; No 2 Literary interpretation as conventionalized verbal behaviour
Peckham, Morse

Penn State papers in art education; No 4 An existential- phenomenological account of aesthetic education
Kaelin, Eugene F

Penn State papers in art education; No 6 Art in the Marcusean analysis
Burnham, Jack

Penn State papers in art education; No 7 On the power and necessity of art
Roman, Melvin

Translating theory into practice; 22nd annual NAEA convention held in New York City

Art in the mainstream of education; 23rd annual NAEA convention held in Detroit.

Art in the mainstream; action and consequences; 24th annual NAEA convention held in Miami

Progress and prospects in art education; 27th annual convention held in Boston, Massachusetts

Art education; vision, realities and traditions for achievement; 28th annual NAEA convention held in Los Angeles

U.S. SEA convention held in New Orleans

Purposes, principles and standards for schools art programmes

Mexican-Americans; a handbook for educators
Forbes, Jack D

Criteria acqusition for product advancement; a multistage model for evaluation. Evaluation report series. Number 3
Wright, W J

The five sense store; an aesthetic design for education
Ingham, Susan D

Transportation; unit 10 curriculum guide
Camp, J

A sequence of Darcee cognitive objectives; a record keeping system for the teacher
Solomon, W

NAEA advisory

U.S. SEA newsletters

Finding a job in elementary and secondary art education

NAEA news

School arts; the art education magazine for teachers

Back to basics; art study poster

School of visual arts, New York City.

New York graphic society; biographical guide to major artists

Urban gateways; catalogue of programmes

Urban gateways - high school

Academic preparation for college; what students need to know and be able to do

Women's art register; bulletin. Vol.1 No.3

Search, research and discovery in the arts

The art experience magazine. Vol.1 No.1

Viewpoints; dialogue in art education, centre for the visual arts, Illinois State University
Salome, Richard A

K-12 arts education in the United States; present context, future needs

The computer, the artist and the machine. Conference held at Massachusetts College of Art

Beyond creating; a report from the Getty centre
Duke, Leilani Lattin

Art for all; kindergarten through grade twelve

Resource guide; subject matter assessment of prospective art teachers
Reeser, Robert D

Apelles; The Georgia Arts Journal. Volume 1 No. 1

Newsletter; art department

Newsletter; art department

Reflections; of the school of arts and letters at California State Los Angeles
Wukelich, Heather D

Pratt Institute School of Art and Design. Prospectus

B.F.A. course and curriculum guide 1983-1984. Tyler School of Art of Temple University

Design schools; your future in art

Visual art instructional guide

Drawing for the schools; a conference

Arts as perception; A way of learning

Newton; Art Scene, Newton South and Newton High Schools

Integrating the arts in education

Education through art; humanism in a technological age. Report on the 19th world congress of INSEA, New York City

Creativity and Art Education. Report of the 3rd Regional Congress of Europe, Middle East and Africa held at Novi Sad, Yugoslavia

2 sketchbooks of drawings
Noblett, M

Sketchbook of drawings
McConville, M

Roots of Bulgarian culture/Five ages ago/Between two congress/ Think of me as I am-Fire. Videocassette of various aspects of Bulgarian culture including a profile of Lyudmila Zhivkova. The Banner of Peace Assembly
Film or video

Banner of peace assembly, Sofia, Bulgaria
Film or video

Folder containing 11 Posters of work of Bulgarian artists
Painting or drawing

Banner of Peace, Sofia, Bulgaria
Painting or drawing

Rubbing of plaque dedicated to Banner of Peace, Bulgaria, from INSEA
Painting or drawing

Publications and papers. 1968-
Allison, Brian

Examination syllabuses for 1989, 1990, 1991.

Letter to Brian Allison advising of the next meeting of the A Level sub-committee for Art and Design
Williamson, Philip

Letters to B Allison and C Walker re appointment of Chief Examiner in visual arts subjects at Advanced Level GCE
Williamson, Philip

Letter to B Allison advising of next meeting of the A Level sub- committee for Art and Design
Williamson, Philip

Two letters to J Jeffrey re Grade award meeting for CDT 679, June examination 1989
Williamson, Philip

Letter re SEC Scrutiny of A Level Arts and Crafts 605 - Draft response to the final scrutiny report
Williamson, Philip

Correspondence re future chairmanship of the Design and Technology sub-committee
Williamson, Philip

Correspondence re revision of A Level Art and Design syllabus
Williamson, Philip

Correspondence re June Examination 1990, A Level Crafts, Pottery 663 and Arts and Crafts 605 - paper 1 Option 8; Pottery
Williamson, Philip

Letters to all Chief Examiners in Advanced Level Art and Crafts 605; the AEB's response to the final scrutiny report following June Examinations 1987
Williamson, Philip

Correspondence re moderating sub-committee for Advanced Level Photography 634
Williamson, Philip

Correspondence relating to the Standing Advisory Committee for Art Craft and Design
Williamson, Philip

Correspondence re appointment of Assistant Chief Examiner in History of Art 606 at Advanced Level Paper 1; Option 6; Seventeenth Century Art in Europe
Charlton, Mrs G D K

Agenda, minutes etc of the A Level sub-committee for Design and Technology
Williamson, Philip

Correspondence relating to Advanced Level CDT Design and Realisation 679; also syllabus modifications
Williamson, Philip

Agenda, minutes etc. for meeting of the A Level sub-committee for Photography
Williamson, Philip

Agenda, minutes etc for meeting of the A Level sub-committee for Photography
Williamson, Philip

North East Area, Association of Art Advisers; Letter to Brian Allison re Learning Through Drawing Exhibition
Gentle, K J A

Letter to Brian Allison re use of games in education through art
Pavey, Don

Cultural Identity and Realisation through the Arts; Problems, Possibilities and Projections
Wangboje, Professor Soloman Irein

Papers, letters etc. given at 6th Regional Congress, Cyprus

Papers from the 25th World Congress held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

4 Case Studies in Creativity; Netherlands, Nigeria, United Kingdom United States of America
Allison, Brian

Conceptual Problems of Creative Education in Changing Societies
Eisner, Elliot W

Papers presented at the INSEA World Congress held in Coventry, England

INSEA minute and record book
Hipwell, Eleanor

INSEA; Communications of major importance
Hipwell, Eleanor

Papers, letters, correspondence etc re; INSEA

Schools Council 18 Research Programme Studies based on the N & F Proposals; Report of the Art Syllabus Steering Group to the Joint Examinations sub-committee of the Schools Council

Correspondence, minutes of meetings etc re; NADE

Papers, letters etc re; Oxford A Level Design Development

Correspondence re; Misquoted passage in book Art Education; A Strategy for Course Design by Maurice Barrett
Allison, Brian

Arts Education in a Multicultural Society. Copy of draft confidential report for meeting at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation Offices

Letters and minutes of Schools Council Art Committee

Correspondence between Brian Alllison, NSAE et al re; a meeting to discuss a proposed formation of a national centre for art and design education at Leicester
Allison, Brian

Correspondence etc on the subject of Educational Disadvantaged Children and the proposed preparation for teaching in urban areas

Letter of thanks to Professor Allison re; permission to send photographs of own sculpture work
Luvanov, Litus

Art/Craft curriculum statement

Bretton '73; Multi-media workshop

Rigby Graham paintings

It's a trip; a visiting schools program, Watts Towers Arts Center, Los Angeles

INSEA 84; 25th World Congress

INSEA; VIII Regional Congress of Europe, Middle East and Africa

Expose 86, Vancouver, Canada

An exhibition of work by Dr Samia H Abdel Aziz and Dr Soliman M Hassan

International children's art exhibition

International young art

Sculptors Berlin 11

Art and design education in a multi-cultural society

Miscellaneous posters

Delightful Japan/Famous gardens

Bulgarian children's art exhibition.

Bulgarian calendar.

Arte e Scienza per IL DISEGNO DEL MONDO. .

CALDER art exhibition, Turin.

Art exhibition of work by Max Klager held in Heidelberg..

ANSCHAUUNG aus der asthetischen Umwelt. Didaktisches material fur den Kunstunterricht. .

Exhibition poster of work by Gerado Lopez held at Pacific Oaks Col lege, Pasadena, CA.

Rufino Tamayo. Paintings and graphics from the B. Lewin galleries collection. Exhibited at the Vincent Price Gallery, East Los Angel es College. .

Two prints. 1) Francisco de Zurbaran 2) Paul Cezanne

French publicity poster advertising the Museum of Leman, Nyon, Swi tzerland.

Art exhibition of work by Max Klager. Held in Munich. .

Exhibition of student's work. .

Print of child's work.

2nd International Assembly; Banner of Peace. 2 Boxed sets, records
Sound recording